Class VII- Rivers Scrapbook

Rivers - Nurturing the flow that sustains the tree of life

On 23rd October 2018, Greenway Modern School conducted an ISA activity on the project – “Rivers: Nurturing the flow that sustains the tree of life” in class VII

In the activity students prepared a Scrap book that contained every possible date on the origin, geography, religious and economical aspect of the rivers associated with the project. Through the activity students acquired knowledge of the essential role played by the rivers along with their cultural, economical & geographical significance. The students also learnt about their responsibility & devoir to Presence Rivers which is a precious resource to human.

Students were divided into groups of 05 with each group being allocated a river. A discussion was done to make the students aware of role of river in human existence.  Thereafter on a given date students were asked to bring all the research material and scrapbooks were prepared. The students took deep interest in the activity.

A quiz was also conducted for students in which all of them participated enthusiastically and answered well. Besides that a verbal presentation was also given by the students on the collected data on rivers.

Discussion on Rivers Scrapbook

Discussion on Rivers Scrapbook

Activity on Rivers Scrapbook

Quiz on Rivers Scrapbook

Rivers Scrapbook


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