Inter-House Activities


On April 12, 2019 (Friday) Greenway Modern School organized an Inter House Poster Making competition on the topic ’Save Heritage’ to commemorate World Heritage Day( April 18 2019).

In the competition, the budding artists of the school showed their tremendous talent and canvassed their imagination and thoughts with colours. The competition was conducted for the primary and senior wing  of the school. Two students from each house were selected to represent their house in the competition. All the students were very talented and out of them some were awarded for their commendable art. The names of the winners are:


1st-Divyanshi-5B (Purity House)

2nd –Sai Raman-5B (Peace House)

3rd –Samanvi-5E (Harmony House) and Rahul-5E (Love House)


1st –Yakshi-12B (Love House) and Nikhil-10E (Harmony House)

2nd –Yash-12C (Harmony House)

3rd –Sankalp-12B (Peace House) and Sanjana-12D (Purity House)

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             On 06 April 2019, Saturday, Greenway Modern School conducted a special assembly to celebrate World Health Day which is observed on April 7,every year. On this occasion, Surya of class XII B, shared his views on how one can keep & maintain good health. His speech made all the students aware of the importance of good health and hygiene. World Health Day is observed all over with a purpose to create interest and inculcate the significance of good health& hygiene.

            On this occasion, an inter house poster making competition for middle wing was also conducted in the school. The following are the winners who represented their house and showed their best creativity:

First- Nupur (8A), Adi. S. Dev (7A) from Purity House

Second- Sanya (8C) , Daksh (8F) from Harmony House

Third- Palak (8A) ,  Shariq (8D)from Love House

Fourth- Tanya (8F) , Mihika (8F)from Peace House





On 5 November,2018 [Monday], School organized a resplendent Diwali function. It was the occasion full of exuberance, enjoyment, conviviality, festivity  and positivity. The celebration was done by conducting several activities. A special assembly was conducted by Peace House from classes I to XII wherein many entertaining and spectacular performances were presented by the Primary, Middle and Senior Wing students.. The school organized many interesting and creative activities like Spot Decoration Competition, Rangoli Making Competition and Card Making Competition for Middle and Senior Wing students.

Many students participated in the above mentioned activities and some highly talented students turned up as winners too,like-

In Inter Section Spot Decoration Competition[ For class X] :

First Position was bagged by X –A, Second Position was bagged by X-B and Third Position was bagged by X-C and X-D.

In Inter Class Card Making Competition conducted for class IX:

First Position was bagged by Mehak and Riya Das of IX-D

Second Position was bagged by sanyam and Vanshika of class IX-C and,

Third Position was bagged by Teerath and Nikhil of IX-E

In Inter House Rangoli Competition[Middle Wing] :

First Position was secured by Chavi(8- A),Gaurav(8- A),Pragya(8- D), Nupur(7- A), Niket(8- C),and Utkarsh (8-A) of Purity House

Second Position was secured by Abhiram(8-A), Junaid(8-A),Abhay Sood(7-B),Ishita(8-E),Ananya(8-D) and Harshita(8-A) of  Peace House and,

Third Position was secured by Ishita (8-B),Palak(7-A),Saurabh(8-D), Lavanya(8-A),Mehar(7-D) and Mahi(7-B) ofLoveHouse and Nishika(8-A), Tiya(8-E), Kanak(8-D),Eshita(7-E),Anubhav(7-B) and Aarthi(8-A) of Harmony House.

In Inter House Rangoli Competition[ Senior Wing] :

First Position was secured by Manya Singh(XI-A),Kanupriya Verma(XI-A),Divya Goswami(XI-A)Yakshi Baliyan(XI-A) and Shreya Chawla(XI-C) of Love House

Second Position was secured by Neha Nautiyal(XI-B),Sakshi Sharma(XI-A),Khushi Dagar(XI-A),Pawan Thapa(XI-E)and Vishnu Priya G.(XI-C) of Peace House and,

Third Position was secured by Sanvi Swami(XI-B), Adrija Guha(XI-B), Titiksha Mogha(XI-C),Yash Gautam(XI-C) and Chhavi Tyagi(XI-C) of Harmony House.

It was a great and grand celebration that spread happiness, cheer and joy among all. Click here to view photographs.




Greenway Modern School, organized a poster competition as a part of Sparsh Leprosy Elimination Campaign. As we all are aware, leprosy is a contagious disease and all over the world the people are concerned and are taking measures to eliminate this disease. As per the directions of directorate of health services, this competition was organized and near about 500 students participated in it. The best paintings which were selected and sent to directorate of health services were of :

  • Shree Rastogi  ----- IV D
  • Sameer  ---- IV F
  • Anannya Yadav – IX A
  • Samir  Khurana  -- VII C
  • Palak  -- V E
  • Samar --- V C
  • Manvi
  • Chandrika

The students understood the Pros and consequences of this disease.

VIGILANCE AWARENESS WEEK - 29th October, 2018 to 3rd November 2018

Greenway Modern School observed Vigilance awareness Week from 29th October, 2018 to 3rd November 2018. The theme of the Vigilance Awareness Week was ‘Eradicate Corruption-Build a New India’.

The school organized different activities during this week in which the students of the school participated wholeheartedly. During the Vigilance Awareness Week, the students of the school dsplayed Banners, Hoardings, Posters, etc.  The students, teachers and other staff members of the school took ‘Integrity Pledge’ in the school on 29th October,2018 .An awareness on the ill effects of corruption was created among others by the students and the staff of the school. Discussions, Debates and Quiz were organized on moral values, ethics , good governance practices, etc.

Lecture cum interactive session was organized for class X and XII students on ethics and integrity during examinations.

The students and the staff of Greenway Modern School enthusiastically participated in all the activities conducted during the week and achieved the objective of eliminating corruption and promoting integrity. Click here to view more photographs.


On 31 October 2018 [Wednesday], School celebrated RASHTRIYA EKTA DIVAS to commemorate 143rd birth anniversary of Sardar Vallabhbhai  Patel, the Iron Man of India and one of the founding leaders of Republic of India and who was instrumental in keeping India united.. The school conducted various activities in its premises. The activities performed by the students of the school were:

  • Prabhat Pheri of upper primary classes 
  • Unity Run by students of classes IX to XII 
  • Oath(Pledge) taken by all school children 
  • Circulation of a paragraph on the contribution of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel for National Unity in the School

The occasion provided every Greenwanian an opportunity to re-affirm the inherent strength and resilience of our nation to withstand the actual and potential threats to the unity, integrity and security of our country.


The Ministry of Power in Association with Bureau of Energy Efficiency Organised a National Awareness Campaign involving children to enable them into inculcate the habit of energy conservation. The aim was to sensitise the children towards issue of energy conservation,. In this regard a painting competition was organized in Greenway Modern School, Dilshad Garden. Near about 1000 students participated in group A and Group B. The best paintings which were selected from group A was of Samidha IV A and Samridh Goyal of IX A.


For education to be holistic, it has to develop leadership among children, among other things. And this leadership comes not just from reading complex theories in voluminous books. It also comes from the ability to take initiatives.

It was in this spirit that an Investiture Ceremony was held at Greenway Modern School, Dilshad Garden on 10 October 2018[Wednesday].

The event began with the leaders giving a ceremonial welcome to the Chairperson ma’am and Principal sir of the school. Then, the council members confidently marched onto the stage and took an oath to discharge their duties with full dedication and loyalty. The members of the council were:

HEAD BOY: * Aviral Mathur [Senior Wing]   * Vaibhav Srivastava[Middle Wing]   * Tanmay[Primary Wing]             

HEAD GIRL: *Shruti Pandey[Senior Wing]    *Satakshi Dutta[Middle Wing]     *Siddhi[Primary Wing]         


HARMONY HOUSE :  * Tanya Arora [Senoir Wing]             *Nishika Tyagi [Middle Wing]

LOVE  HOUSE:  *Shruti Shankar [Senoir Wing]                     *Arjun Nambiar [Middle Wing]

PEACE HOUSE:* Mansi [Senior Wing]                                     *Srishti Srivastava [Middle Wing]

PURITY HOUSE: *Deeksha Devgan [Senior Wing]              *Aastha Singh [Middle Wing]                    

SPORTS CAPTAIN: * Vaibhav Choudhary

At the end, Principal  Mr. Mohit Sachdeva , called upon the council members to discharge their duties and nurture their fellow schoolmates into becoming good leaders in future.


Ministry of Petroleum in collaboration with C.B.S.E organized Painting and Essay competition. The topic was “SAVE FUEL FOR A BETTER ENVIRONMENT”. Near about 1000 students participated in this event. The increasing price of Petrol, made the students understand the concept of Saving Fuel.

The Paintings and the essays which were selected were of

1.  Harsh Jalan VIII C (Hindi)

2.  Abhiram S. Variar VIII A

3.  Krish Dayal Mathur  VIII B

4.  Anshika Arora X D

5. Yashasvini Sharma  X D  

It was indeed a proud moment the essays in English and Hindi category were declared the best entries by the Ministry of Petroleum. The Studentswere awarded with the certificates by Ministry of Petroleum.


          Greenway Modern School organized a Swachch Bharat Pakhwada from 1st to 15th September 2018 under the guidelines of office of the Special Director of Education (CTB).

          The theme for the pakhwada was “focused engagement with the teachers”.  Before flagging of this 15 days long cleanliness drive in the school premises, the teachers spoke to the students about the significance of cleanliness in our lives.  They also told the students that though the campaign is for 15 days only, but the cleanliness is a thing which had to be maintained even after the stipulated time period.  The school premises including offices, classes, playground and even the parking lots were to be maintained.  For observing the Pakhwada in a benefitting manner, the students had to complete the tasks which were directed through day wise action plans.

          On Swachchta Shapath Day, awareness messages were pasted on the gate and the assembly area while students of each class took an oath to take up at least one activity for personal/school/home/community cleanliness.

          The cleanliness maintenance and planning day witnessed the inspection of sanitary facilities by the teachers.  The day was planned to encourage cleanliness and waste management.

          The Green School Drive encouraged sapling plantation to make the school greener and cleaner.  The concept and relevance of blue and green color dustbins were introduced to the students.

          Swachchta participation Day was full of mind boggling activities ranging from Essay Writing competition to Painting competition organised by the teachers for the students on the topic “What makes my classroom/school/home dirty”.

          In class quiz competition and debates were also organized on cleanliness and hygiene practices in schools.

          Personal hygiene, which is the most important factor in cleanliness was focused on with an audio-visual progaramme.  Through the medium of videos students learnt proper way of cutting and keeping nails clean, hygienic ways of using toilets and proper method of hand washing before and after meals.  Awareness on water bone diseases and safe drinking water habits were encouraged too. The students also took the activity of Water Harvesting and its benefits.

          By the end of this drive, the students observed an alarming point that if we are not serious now towards hazards caused due to the lack of cleanliness, then in the coming years the environment would be more polluted and the situation may be very difficult for humans on earth to survive. Click here to view more photographs.


All over India September 14th is celebrated as Hindi Diwas. Hindi is our National Language which is spoken all over the country. To make the students aware about the importance of Hindi the students were made aware about the importance of Hindi language and its usage. Click here to view more photographs.



To commemorate the 155th Birth Anniversary of Swami Vivekananda an awareness was made by way of his teachings to the students on 12th September 2018. His famous quote was inculcated ‘Arise, Awake and do not stop until the goal is reached’. Click here to view more photographs.


An inter hose competition was organized for the middle wing and senior wing on the eve of Raksha Bandhan. Two students from each house participated in this competition .they made the sweets without fire and showed their cooking skills, which was beyond the imagination of anyone. The mouthwatering delicacies from the senior wing which they prepared were Chocolate pops, colour delights(chum chum), chocolate moose, sodafountain, litchiandkhusmocktale, chocolavacake, strawberrymoose, oreo chocolate rolls, brownie and rasmalai with crunchy nuts and from the middle wing the delicacies were Vanilla raspberry, cakepops, fruit cocktail, chocolatepopsicles, chocolatecandy, chocooreo balls, water melon juice, custard pudding and biscuit pudding

The senior participants were:

Harmony house :Rashika and Parul

Love house:Manya and Ritika

Peace house:Athira and Shruti

Purity house:Himanshu and Ritesh

And from the middle wing the participants were:

Harmomy house:Tiya (VIII E) Nishika(VIII A)

Love house: Aalia (VIII E) Ayushi(VIII A)

Peace house: Nitya Jain (VIII A) Harshita(VIII A)

Purity house: Astha(VIII E) Saniya(VII D)

From the seniors, peace house emerged as winners and the runners up were harmony house followed by purity and love house .

In the middle wing purity house emerged as the winner , runners up were harmony and love and the third house was peace.

The judgement was made by middle wing coordinator MsSarita.

It was a pleasure to see the cooking skills of these, young budding master chef.


The School made the students aware about the prevention and control of Vector Borne Disease like Dengue, Chikungunya, Malaria etc in the month of August 2018. The students were made aware during assembly and in the classrooms to keep cleanliness. They were advised to wear clothes that cover arms and legs like full slaves shirts, full pants and socks. They were also advised to use of mosquito repellent creams/oil to prevent mosquito bite on exposed body parts. The class IV employee of the school took proper care to remove the stagnant water in and around school premises. Overhead tank were cleaned regularly and the Gardner took proper care of plants by putting medicines and change the water of money plant and other show plants kept in the office regularly. A really was also taken by the primary wing to make the people aware about the prevention and control of Vector Borne Disease. This awareness was also made in the form of poster/drawings. Overall an informative session was held with regard to the preventive control of Vector Borne Disease. 



                 The Greenway Modern School, organized an assembly which highlighted “Anti Kite Flying Campaign” launched by Government of National Territory Delhi.In which, students were made aware of hazards of kite flying. It is an issue of major concern because it leads to plethora decimation of birds, animals and humans as well. The thread used to fly kites is made up of glass pieces which is hazardous and causes injuries too. Kite flying leads to hundreds of deaths per year which should be prohibited.
So conserve life and let festivals bloom with felicity was the message given on the eve of Independence day.


















                        Greenway Modern School Dilshad Garden celebrated 72th  Independence Day . The event started with Flag Hoisting by School  Principal  Mr. Mohit Sachdeva followed by National Anthem depicted in sign language by students of Primary wing. The event consisted of Patriotic songs and Dance performance by the Students of Middle and Senior wings. Head Girl Shruti  Pandey, gave a speech emphasizing the importance of freedom for youth .The students were given prizes for securing different positions in Science  Olympiad and  Commerce Olympiad and the winners of Commerce Fest held at Lovely Public school . The event concluded with the motivational speech by the School Principal followed by Tree plantation.

            The primary, middle and senior wing of greenway celebrated Mothers Day with great zeal and enthusiasm. Since mothers hold a special place in the hearts of the children, they left no stone unturned to show their appreciation for their mothers.
            To show their love and respect towards their mothers, the young and enthusiastic Greenwanians danced their heart out in a stage show.

            The Primary, Middle and Senior Wing celebrated World Dance Day with zeal and enthusiasm. Dance is an integral part of every human life, it is a way through which we can express our emotions. The Primary Wing had an Inter-House competition where-in they presented different forms of dances like Bihu, Bangra , Lavani,  etc. The Peace House emerged as the winners and runners-up were Love House and Harmony House. Purity House also participated with great enthusiasm. The Middle Wing and the Senior Wing acquainted the students with various forms of dances from contemporary to Indian Classical.

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