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On 13 November 2019, Greenway Modern School, Dilshad Garden organized its Scholars’ Day of primary wing to honour and acknowledge excellence of its students in academics.  The meritorious students of Primary Wing were felicitated with trophies and certificatification. The programme was an amalgamation of cultural activities as well as felicitation of the little scholars. The Chairperson Ms. Sudesh Sachdeva and The Principal Mr. Mohit Sachdeva welcomed the eminent chief guest, the Director of  Korean Cultural Centre Ms. Kim Kum Pyoung, Korean Language Teacher – Jeong Eun Kyeng and Ms Shiny from Korean Cultural Centre who graced the occasion.

The event was festooned with some adorning cultural performances also. The school choir and band presented the Korean Folk Song ‘Arirang’ that is often considered to be the anthem of Korea and sung for its brave soldiers. A special solo performance was given by Nikita of class XII who sang a beautiful song that prettified the occasion.

This year, Greenway zealously ushered to conduct Korean Language Learning classes by a Korean Professional in which students ardently partook and were extolled on the occasion through certificates. This year, Greeenway has also been given an accolade, the British Council Award and has also been given a golden opportunity to present a presentation in its Award Ceremony to be held on 6 Dec’19, based on the learning conceived through the ISA projects by the students and the same presentation of the students glamorized the stage and ennobled the occasion.

In the end, the Principal of the school, Mr Mohit Sachdeva gave a vote of thanks and emboldened the meritorious tiny tots and their parents to keep working hard in life and achieve success.


The Birth Anniversary of Sardar Vallabh Patel, which is being observed as Rashtriya Ekta Diwas, which gives us an opportunity to reaffirm the inherent strength, was celebrated at Greenway Modern School, and the following activities were done.

  • A pledge was taken to preserve the unity, integrity and security of the nation.
  • Unity run, March past by the NCC cadets was also organized.

In addition to above, Essay writing and various other activities were also done.

The students were made aware about the contribution of Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel for the independence our country. Click here for more photographs


A Science activity was held on 25th October 2019 in which Class V students prepared different nutritious food without fire. Students enjoyed this activity a lot and participated enthusiastically. They learnt different skills related to Home Science. They managed each and everything by themselves and cooked very delicious food, which were mouthwatering and the presentation of the food was creative. Click here for more photographs

Janmashtami Celebration

Birthday of Lord Krishna  “Janmashtami” was celebrated by all the three wings, Primary, Middle and Senior.

 Special dance performances were given by students  depicting his “Leelas” and laid the importance of the occasion.  Students of classes I and II were dressed up as Radha and Krishna.

 The “tableau” was set up where Lord Krishna and his friend Sudama's importance was shown. The Principal blessed all the students.  His words lifted the mood of all the students and teachers. Click here for more photographs.


Rakhi making activity was conducted in the primary wing on 13.08.19, the students brought different kinds of materials to draw and make rakhies. They all decorated the rakhi beautifully. Each section of  every class participated in this activity. Students enjoyed this activity and a lesson of brotherhood was taught. Click  here to view more photographs.



The extra Horlicks settling beneath the glass of milk is no less than finding out the treasure from the deep ocean for kids!!!

It was like a feast when the students from classes I to VI of School were given an opportunity by Horlicks Pvt Limited to enjoy their favourite health drink even in school. It was an activity conducted by Horlicks in the school wherein the students were provided free samples  of the drink to consume making their day cool, energizing and refreshing. It was a good attempt made and students enjoyed the activity a lot. Click here to view more photographs.



Earth Day was celebrated by the Students of Grade I and II at Greenway Modern School on 22nd April’19.

Students came in green colour dress and spoke few lines to save our mother nature very enthusiastically. They were very keen to know about what else they can do to save their earth. It was an innovative activity for the kids. Click here to view more photographs.





A drawing competition was held at Greenway Modern School on 12.4.19 for class II. All the students of class II participated in this competition. Two different pictures of heritage were given to the students to colour it. They all coloured the pictures very beautifully and neatly. Students enjoyed this competition as they all love colouring. This developed an aesthetic sense and creativity in all the students. Click here to view more photographs.


A BALANCED FOOD ACTIVITY- CLASS IV - 08.09.2018            

Balanced Food Activity was organized in class IV by E.V.S Teacher Mrs. Sunita Chopra, to give knowledge of all the five food groups in our diet. Traditional cuisines are better than junk food. Each group had four students of four nutrients. Students displayed the cutlery talent and enjoyed doing this activity. It was the time for sharing also.

The students realized the value of good habits to stay healthy. Avoid junk food eat healthy food we should not waste food also take only as much food as you can eat, This was the motto of this activity. The students were also taught Cleanliness is also very important in the cooking food items.

To remain healthy, we need all the nutrients in right amount. The students enjoyed this activity.

To celebrate the birth of Lord Krishna, we celebrate the festival of Janmashtami all over the country. The Assembly was conducted to celebrate this festival by the Primary Department on 31st August, 2018 in the school premises. It  started with  Lord Krishna’s Bhajans and prayers. After that, students of Classes I – V presented a dance programme. A skit presentation depicting one of the Lord Krishna’s Leela with Maa Yashoda ji was presented. All the participants were looking very beautiful in their vibrant costumes. Everybody appreciated the programme.


On 30th July, 2018 Maths Quiz was organized for Class I.  Through this activity students got the chance to explore their knowledge and play with numbers.

All the students enthusiastically participated in the competition.  There were 5 rounds for 5 teams. Each team included 3 students for this activity. The teachers who encouraged the students were Ms. Kalpana Dagar, Ms. Tanu Negi, Ms. Jyoti Sharma, Ms. Chandni and Ms. Tannu.

The participated were :

Team A – Navya Kudeshia, Vaibhav Sharma, Sejal Tomar  [ Class – I A]

Team B -  Abhinav Giri, Achentya Rajput, Kashvi Gupta  [ Class – I B]

Team C  - Aksh Singh, Hardik Sharma, Laksh Makhija [ Class – I C]

Team D – Anurag, Jyotsna. Shivang Kashyap    [Class – I D]

Team E -  Amrit Kumar, Siddharth Sinha, Vedant Dhyani  [ Class – I E]

The Judges for the Quiz competition were – Ms. Renu Gupta and Ms. Sunita Chopra. The appraised the students for their participation and congratulated the winning teams.

The winning teams were :

1.      Team E (Class I E)       2ND Position.


A renowned company organized an activity for Classes I and II wherein they showed a cartoon character of  ‘Winkie’ who shook hands with students. They were very excited  to see him and children enjoyed the delicacies of Winkie Cakes as a token of love to their mother. They were told  to share the Cakes with her. They understood the importance of Mother, sharing and caring in their life.


SUMMER CAMP (HOBBY CLASSES) - 14th May - 26th May 2018
During this summer vacation, the school has organized hobby classes for the primary wing Classes I to V. The classes include Art, Dance and Calligraphy for the improvement of the handwriting of the students. The focus of the camp is to brush up the talent of the students, utilize their time in a positive way, moulding them into true learners. The classes are going on full-fledged with children participating in them enthusiastically.



An Inter-class was organized for Class I  to make the students  confident in their speaking skills and the winners  were  given appreciation certificates.


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