April 2018 - CLASS VIII


A collaborative ISA Activity was conducted for class VIII,  in which the students were asked to collect the pictures of various players associated with that particular game. Each class was given a particular game and in class they neatly cut and pasted the pictures in the scrap book. It helped in enriching the knowledge and developed the motor skills. It took nearly 2-3 days to complete the activity. While pasting the picture they showed their creativity. After pasting they wrote the rules,  from the origin, and how it is played, and the rules of the games were exchanged with each other. The objective of this activity was to make the learners understand about the rules and regulations of popular sports played around the world. Students took keen interest in knowing the rules of the game. A quiz was also conducted in all the sections. Students answered the questions with great enthusiasm and zeal. The activity was successfully  completed  as students developed  a sense of friendliness and team work. They gained confidence and team management. It was an enriching experience for the student as well as for the teacher.

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