Cultural Exchange Program

Indo Korean Artistic Path

On 14th August 2019, the students of Greenway Modern School got the opportunity to visit the Art Exhibition Ceremony at the National Gallery of Modern Art, in collaboration with Korean Cultural Center as. In a tie up to establish an indo Korean relations. The Art Exhibition showed a combination of Indian and Korean art with the help of Daegu Art Museum.

The Director General of NGMA Mr. Adwaita Gadnayaka addressed the esteemed guests with his warm words and lauded the efforts and cooperation of the Korean delegates.

The Director of Korean Cultural Centre, greeted the gathering and congratulated the students.

After the lightning of the lamp and the exchange of pleasantries, the choir of GMS sang their beautiful rendition of ‘Arirang’ a Korean folk song about war and hardships.

Their melodic voices and accurate pronunciation left the Audience Awestruck. They were commended by the Korean Guests and represented the Pride of being greenwanians. Click here to view more photographs.  


This year, Greenway Modern  School, Dilshad Garden has got an another feather added to its cap by extending hands in cultural exchange to Netherlands. On April 5 2019, an informative educational session was conducted at Netherland  Embassy . The session was partaken by         Ms. Jaishree Shreedhar, the activity and Exchange Program Coordinator of the school.
The organisers and facilitators of the event made the attendees aware about the various universities, courses and the scholarship programs which can be availed to the students after 12th. A discussion was also held keeping forth the various possibilities for the exchange Program with regard to Greenway Modern School and Schools at Netherlands. It was a constructive and productive discussion that rendered many  possibilities for the Exchange Program to take place in future. 


Greenway Modern School 
regard education as the key to success and commit resources in nurturing our new generation Education helps to unleash people’s potential and should enhance their virtues as well as competitiveness. For the second consecutive year a group of Greenwanians along with the Vice Principal Mr. Tarun Sachdeva and two teachers Mrs. Yogyata Mathur and Ms. Mamta were the part of this exchange programme to Russia.

This cultural program was to foster mutual understanding and promote educational and cultural exchange between India & Russia. It provided opportunity to the students for experiencing different culture and broaden their horizons as well as participating teachers. It was also a good platform to exchange views with fellow educators, share experience and foster partnership. This time the teachers Mrs. Yogyata Mathur(Biology) and Ms. Mamta (Social Science) got the opportunity to give lecture to Russian students along with culture exchange. Lectures caused a huge interest and Russian students had successfully overcame the language barrier too. Our students from classes 7 – 10 participated in sports competition, arts competition and even got opportunities to learn their tradition, Russian dance etc. In this globalized era, people who are able to adjust to different environment embrace changes and celebrate diversities and are able of rising to the challenges ahead.

“You can learn more by travelling a 1000 miles than by reading a 1000 books”

The exchange program allowed students to travel and meet people from different cultural, religious and socio-economic backgrounds and develop a greater understanding of diversity in the process. They also learnt to cultivate positive relationships with others, appreciate a broader  perspective and acquired the knowledge and skills for participating in multi- cultural societies and by applying what they have learnt. They can not only save a better future for their own, but for the community, the country and the world for all. Vice Principal Mr. Tarun Sachdeva thanked Russians for their unconditional support for the exchange programme that lasted one week and for devoting their time and efforts for putting together days of exciting and enriching activities for students and teachers. Click here to view photographs.

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