Greenway Modern School organized an Awareness Programme, for Senior Class girls, by renowned company. They were sensitized about the cleanliness, personal hygiene and how can they look beautiful – A question answer session was followed and they were awarded with the headphone winners.

It was a very informative and useful session.


    Event was held on 21.11.2019   

    An educational trip for class VII was organised on 22 November 2019 under the Guidance of MRs Yogyata Mathur,  Ms. Jaishree, Ms. Deepa Bhardwaj & Ms. Nancy Gupta. The students were taken to a nearby biodiversity park named ‘Yamuna Biodiversity Park’ for a learnful experience. The school organised this visit to enrich the students and to take learning beyond the four walls of the classroom.

     Travel expands your horizons and school life cannot be complete without the fun of educational tours and excursions. These trips are tailor made to facilitate the students to know and understand the real, multicultural world. A host of activities are undertaken as a part of trips which act as a catalyst to think out of the box and broaden the outlook. The school discreetly organizes educational trips to strategically important places and facilitates for students to reach out for information beyond the text books.

     Increasing urbanization, habitat destruction, pollution, biological invasions, increasing greenhouse gases and excessive use of natural resources are some of the anthropogenic factors that have damaged the environment.  As a result, global temperatures have increased substantially and the impact can be seen in altered rainfall patterns, droughts, floods in coastal areas and extinction of several species. Sound environmental awareness is therefore necessary to handle such environmental issues and restore the degraded ecosystems. Today, with issues such as global warming, climate change, various pandemics including recent outbreaks of Ebola and Zika,   nature education has become all the more important. The younger generation will soon be facing several environmental challenges and it must be prepared to tackle these effectively. Therefore, a commitment towards providing nature education is the need of the hour.

    Nature education focuses on developing environmental consciousness and concern for the living environment. The objective of nature education is to develop awareness regarding the significance   of biodiversity, which will then encourage people to take collective action towards biodiversity conservation.

     Yamuna Biodiversity Park is thus a living laboratory where scientific experimentation has done wonders. Once a barren place where nothing grew, the park is now full of life which can be heard in the chirping of birds and rustling of leaves.


    In all, the trip was really fruitful and enhanced the understanding of the students regarding biotic and abiotic interactions in the ecosystem.



      Event was held on 20.11.2019   

      Greenway Modern School organized a special assembly to make the students aware about the precautions to be taken in case of any kind of calamity. They were told about the various emergency numbers and also how to move after the school is over. An execution plan was explained in detail for the movement from one floor to another. Ms Silky and Ms Geeta demonstrated the use of FIRE EXTINGUISHER in case of fire calamity.  It was an informative session.


        Event was held on 20.11.2019   

        The students of Greenway Modern School participated in the Discovery School Super League – powered by BYJU’s (DSSL). In the first round near about 60 Lakh students participated from 17000+ schools across 29 states and 1 UT (Delhi NCR). It was a proud moment Mayank  Saini IV-B, Aarav Goel V – B, Nikahil Sharma VI – D and Parmeet Singh VII – F were the grade toppers of Round – 1 and Nikhil Sharma of VI - D and Parmeet Singh of VII F qualified for the 2nd Round. The Principal of the school Mr Mohit Sachdeva  gave away the prizes to these students and Congratulated them.


          CHILDREN'S DAY CELEBRATION - 2019 Nursery Wing
          Event was held on 18.11.2019   

          14th November the birthday of our first Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru was celebrated with great fervor and enthusiasm as Children’s Day.  It was celebrated on 18-11-2019 at Greenway Nursery School, Dilshad Garden.  The program began with a prayer and students were told about the relevance of this day.  They were encouraged to dream big and work hard.  A colorful dance was presented by the students.  Teachers sang, danced and enacted on stage to make the day memorable.  The function was able to bring to the students the message of Children’s Day. It was a fun-filled day and the students enjoyed very much.

            ‘No Great Achievement is possible without Persistent Work’

            On 19th November 2019, Greenway Modern School, Dilshad Garden organized the Scholars’ Day of middle and senior wing to celebrate academic excellence of its laudable and meritorious students.

             The occasion was graced by DCP Amit Sharma (Shahdara), Joint Secretary CBSE Mr. Navin Maini and SHO Seemapuri Mr. Harish Kumar. The occasion started with the lamp lightning followed by the welcome dance. The seasoned artists of the school enthralled the audience with a very mellifluous solo song by Nikita of class XII and a group song presentation. The fusion of Bharatnatyam and Kathak mesmerized every one present in the audience. 

            Greenway Modern School is also bestowed with the British Council Award and for the award ceremony of the same, the versatile students of Greenway prepared a stupendous performance that bedazzled the stage and enraptured the audience. In the end, the Principal, Mr Mohit Sachdeva spoke about the school’s commitment to excellence and complimented the students who have made their mark in scholastic and co-scholastic arenas.  The event culminated with the vote of thanks of the Principal and his blessings to the achievers.


              54th YOUTH PARLIAMENT
              Event was held on 11.11.2019   

              Greenway Modern School organized the 54th Youth Parliament session, under which a Mock Parliament session was conducted by the future leaders who got their first taste in governance. The session was undertaken under a very successful venture initiated by government of India. The session was aimed to insight everyone about the procedure and proceedings of the parliament along with the addressal of some current serious issues, thus providing a potential solution that could be taken further by the government.

              It was held under the gracious presence of some eminent guests, who were, Mr.Bratin Sen Gupta, MP, Rajya Sabha, Mr. Anil Kumar undersecretary, Ministry of Parliament Affairs., Dr Y Marka,DDE, NIOS project and Mr Virender Singh, DDE Zone-6. While familiarizing the students with the power of their voice, the youth parliament helped them to develop a sense of responsibility towards their democratic duty and led them to evolve respect and tolerate to the views of every citizen irrespective of regional or communal diversity.

              Greenway was amongst the 34 selected schools in the entire Delhi Region to have this session. The Youth Parliament session concluded that the youth are the future pillar of any nation and therefore needs to be prepared properly to unroll as the torchbearers of this noble replay of the world’s biggest Democracy . It was a proud moment for Greenway Modern School as eight students were selected in the merit list for prize distribution:

              ·         Vaibhav Srivastav (Speaker)

              ·         Krish Dayal (PM)

              ·         Sparsh (Secretary General)

              ·         Kartik Kohli

              ·         Unique

              ·         Nayan Kotnala

              ·         Vanshika

              ·         Aparna

              The anchors Radhika Gupta and Aarohi were highly appreciated by the jury members. The entire session was planned & executed by Mrs Kiran and Ms Mamta .The Principal of the School, Mr Mohit Sachdeva appreciated the efforts of the students and teachers for such an impressive event.

                For Education to be Holistic, and to Develop Leadership among children, among other things. This leadership comes not just from reading complex theories in voluminous books. It also comes from the ability to take initiatives. It was in this spirit that an Investiture Ceremony was held at Greenway Modern School, Dilshad Garden on 13 November 2019 [Thursday].

                The event began with the leaders giving a ceremonial welcome to the Chairperson ma’am and Principal sir of the school. Then, the council members confidently marched onto the stage and took an oath to discharge their duties with full dedication and loyalty. The members of the council were:


                SENIOR WING

                MIDDLE WING

                PRIMARY WING

                HEAD BOY

                Piyush Kumar Choudhary

                Ayush Sinha

                Aditya Kashtap

                HEAD GIRL

                Nikita Rawat

                Varsha Nair

                Bhuvi Bhardwaj


                Saanvi Swain

                Isita Vashitish


                LOVE  HOUSE CAPTAIN 

                Ananya Nair

                Palak Panwar


                PEACE HOUSE CAPTAIN

                Ipshita Yadav

                Sonal Rawat


                PURITY HOUSE CAPTAIN

                Divija Singh


                Sree Rastogi

                At the end, Principal  Mr. Mohit Sachdeva , called upon the council members to discharge their duties and nurture their fellow schoolmates into becoming good leaders in future.

                  On 13 November 2019, Greenway Modern School, Dilshad Garden organized its Scholars’ Day of primary wing to honour and acknowledge excellence of its students in academics.  The meritorious students of Primary Wing were felicitated with trophies and certificatification. The programme was an amalgamation of cultural activities as well as felicitation of the little scholars. The Chairperson Ms. Sudesh Sachdeva and The Principal Mr. Mohit Sachdeva welcomed the eminent chief guest, the Director of  Korean Cultural Centre Ms. Kim Kum Pyoung, Korean Language Teacher – Jeong Eun Kyeng and Ms Shiny from Korean Cultural Centre who graced the occasion.

                  The event was festooned with some adorning cultural performances also. The school choir and band presented the Korean Folk Song ‘Arirang’ that is often considered to be the anthem of Korea and sung for its brave soldiers. A special solo performance was given by Nikita of class XII who sang a beautiful song that prettified the occasion.

                  This year, Greenway zealously ushered to conduct Korean Language Learning classes by a Korean Professional in which students ardently partook and were extolled on the occasion through certificates. This year, Greeenway has also been given an accolade, the British Council Award and has also been given a golden opportunity to present a presentation in its Award Ceremony to be held on 6 Dec’19, based on the learning conceived through the ISA projects by the students and the same presentation of the students glamorized the stage and ennobled the occasion.

                  In the end, the Principal of the school, Mr Mohit Sachdeva gave a vote of thanks and emboldened the meritorious tiny tots and their parents to keep working hard in life and achieve success. 

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