Event was held on 06.09.19   

 Someone rightly said that ‘Awareness without action is worthless’,

A quiz based on ‘Conservation of Water” was organised for the classes IX-XII realising the urgency to raise awareness for conserving water on 6th September 2019.
Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships. The Water Conservation Team of our school took this initiative to organise the quiz. The quiz was hosted by Ms. Deepa Bhardwaj and Ms. Nancy Gupta under the guidance of Ms. Jaishree and Ms.Yogyata Mathur.
Also a big thanks to Ms. Komal for her contribution.
The quiz was a major hit and winners were given certifications.
We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we are curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.

The winning teams were:



• Divyalok & Satakshi Dutta (IX-E)

• Paras & Md. Omar Khan (X-E)



• Radhika Gupta & Yashasvini (XI-C)

• Irish Yadav & Khushi Joshi (XI-E)



• Akarshan & Aman Panchal (XII-A)

•Manav & Harsh (XII-F)


Congratulations to all the winners and participants.


    Event was held on 20.09.2019   

    On 20th September 2019, Greenway Modern School, Dilshad Garden organized various activities to partake in Swachchta Hi Seva Campaign launched by Hon'ble Prime Minister on 11th September which aims to reinforce 'Sanitation as everyone's business' and targetting 'Plastic Waste Management '. The activities included: *generating awareness among students to limit the use of Single Use Plastic through group discussions.

    *displaying the logo to students in campus premises to generate maximum on and so forth.

    The activities were conducted in the school premises and students learnt a lot and aimed not to use plastic.


      Event was held between 01.09.19 to 16.09.19   

      Greenway Modern School organized a Swachch Bharat Pakhwada from 1st to 15th September 2019 under the guidelines of Directorate of Education: Physical Education Branch.

      The theme for the pakhwada was “focused engagement with the teachers”.  Before flagging of this 15 days long cleanliness drive in the school premises, the teachers spoke to the students about the significance of cleanliness in our lives.  They also told the students that though the campaign is for 15 days only, but the cleanliness is a thing which had to be maintained even after the stipulated time period.  The school premises including offices, classes, playground and even the parking lots were to be maintained.  For observing the Pakhwada in a benefitting manner, the students had to complete the tasks which were directed through day wise action plans.

      On Swachchta Shapath Day, awareness messages were pasted on the gate and the assembly area while students of each class took an oath to take up at least one activity for personal/school/home/community cleanliness.

      The cleanliness maintenance and planning day witnessed the inspection of sanitary facilities by the teachers.  The day was planned to encourage cleanliness and waste management.

      The Green School Drive encouraged sapling plantation to make the school greener and cleaner.  The concept and relevance of blue and green color dustbins were introduced to the students.

      Swachchta participation Day was full of mind boggling activities ranging from Essay Writing competition to Painting competition organised by the teachers for the students on the topic “What makes my classroom/school/home dirty”.

      In class quiz competition and debates were also organized on cleanliness and hygiene practices in schools.

      Personal hygiene, which is the most important factor in cleanliness was focused on with an audio-visual progaramme.  Through the medium of videos students learnt proper way of cutting and keeping nails clean, hygienic ways of using toilets and proper method of hand washing before and after meals.  Awareness on water bone diseases and safe drinking water habits were encouraged too. The students also took the activity of Water Harvesting and its benefits.

      By the end of this drive, the students observed an alarming point that if we are not serious now towards hazards caused due to the lack of cleanliness, then in the coming years the environment would be more polluted and the situation may be very difficult for humans on earth to survive.



        Event was held from 11.09.19 to 16.09.19   

        In order to mark the celebrations of 150th Birth Anniversary Celebration of Mahatma Gandhi Greenwanians organized various activities. The Students of all the three wings were taught about Truth, Non Violence, and a Special Cleanliness drive was also organized in the school. During Morning assembly speech by student, on different aspect of truthfulness and violence were discussed. The students sang bhajans ,  also wrote poems, slogans and essays. The students understood the Gandian Thought Principles, Values and Ideals. They were encouraged to always be with the truth and have non Violence Path towards their work progress


          A Felicitation Ceremony was organized by the Commerce Department at Greenway Modern School to felicitate the International Company Secretary Olympiad Zonal Rankers along with that a Counselling Session was also held with regard to company secretary as career. The Chief Guest on this Occasion was Mr. Himanshu Sharma Executive officer at Institute of company secretaries of India. It was an honour for the school,  Kartikay Singh  of class XII got 3rd Zonal Rank, in the International Company Secretary Olympiad and was awarded with a cash Prize of Rs 2500 a medal and a certificate. Along with him Apoorv Gambhir, got 8th Zonal Rank a gift medal and a certificate The Principal of the School Mr. Mohit Sachdeva along with the guest awarded the students. The Principal of the school appreciated the efforts of the students & Teachers. The initiative was taken by PGT Accounts Ms. Neelam Gupta. 

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