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19 Jan, 2019I-A English
Learn Chapter - 8, 9, and 10 of Grammar
19 Jan, 2019I-A Hindi
Learn the c.w.
19 Jan, 2019I-A Mathematics
Do practice of Chapter- 1, 2 and 8
19 Jan, 2019I-B English
Learn Chapter - 8, 9, and 10 of Grammar
19 Jan, 2019I-B Hindi
Learn the c.w.
19 Jan, 2019I-B Mathematics
Do practice of Chapter- 1, 2 and 8
19 Jan, 2019I-C English
Read Chapter- 13
19 Jan, 2019I-C Hindi
Read chapter - 21
19 Jan, 2019I-C Mathematics
Revise Chapter- 10
19 Jan, 2019I-C G.K.
Learn Chapter- 40
19 Jan, 2019I-D English
Learn make sentences of Chapter- 7 for test on Monday
19 Jan, 2019I-D Mathematics
Learn table of 7, 8 and 9
19 Jan, 2019I-D Notice or Note
Bring pink test copy
19 Jan, 2019I-D Hindi Grammar
Learn chapter- 9 for test
19 Jan, 2019I-E English
Read lesson - 13
19 Jan, 2019I-E Hindi
Dictation of Chandra Bindu and Ang ki Matra on Monday
19 Jan, 2019I-E Mathematics
Test of Chapter 10 on Monday
19 Jan, 2019II-A E.V.S.
Learn lesson 16
19 Jan, 2019II-A G.K.
Learn Current Affairs
19 Jan, 2019II-B English
Read lesson - 15
19 Jan, 2019II-B Mathematics
Revise Chapter- 6 for test on 21.1.2019 Monday
19 Jan, 2019II-C English
Revise lesson - 12 for dictation
19 Jan, 2019II-C E.V.S.
Learn lesson - 16 for test on 24.1.2019
19 Jan, 2019II-C G.K.
Learn lesson - 35
19 Jan, 2019II-D English
Learn My Family
19 Jan, 2019II-D Hindi
Dictation of lesson - 13 on Monday
19 Jan, 2019II-E G.K.
Revise G.K. Worksheet
19 Jan, 2019III-A Hindi
Learn The Q/Ans of lesson 12 and 13
19 Jan, 2019III-A Mathematics
Do Ex 10.2 in book
19 Jan, 2019III-A G.K.
Paste picture of lesson - 50
19 Jan, 2019III-A Computer
Paste worksheet in notebook and learn it for Class test on Tuesday
19 Jan, 2019III-B English
Dictation of lesson - 14
19 Jan, 2019III-B Hindi
Read Chapter- 16
19 Jan, 2019III-B Mathematics
Do Ex 10.1 in Book
19 Jan, 2019III-B E.V.S.
Learn Chapter- 20 for test
19 Jan, 2019III-C Hindi
Learn the book exercise of lesson 14 and 15
19 Jan, 2019III-C Mathematics
Do page 156 in book
19 Jan, 2019III-C E.V.S.
Draw different Seasons in copy
19 Jan, 2019III-D English
Read lesson - 15 and make a colourful introductory page.
19 Jan, 2019III-D Mathematics
Do page 157 in book
19 Jan, 2019III-E Mathematics
Do Ex 10.1 C, D, E in book
19 Jan, 2019III-E Computer
Learn Worksheet and Lesson - 6 for class test
19 Jan, 2019III-E Hindi Grammar
Write counting from 21 to 50 in copy
19 Jan, 2019IV-A English
Complete Story on page No. 88. Bring English Grammar and course book and copy on Monday
19 Jan, 2019IV-A Hindi
Learn the book exercise of lesson - 12 for test
19 Jan, 2019IV-A Mathematics
Practice Ex 9.7 Q B
19 Jan, 2019IV-A G.K.
Prepare Chapter- 55 to 62 for test and current affairs.
19 Jan, 2019IV-A Drawing
Make a beautiful Charts on Republic Day
19 Jan, 2019IV-B Hindi
Learn Lesson 14 complete
19 Jan, 2019IV-B E.V.S.
Learn book Exercise of Chapter - 16
19 Jan, 2019IV-C Hindi
Learn Complete lesson 13 for test
19 Jan, 2019IV-C E.V.S.
Learn Back Exercise of Chapter- 16
19 Jan, 2019IV-C G.K.
Oral test of Current Affairs and Lesson - 48 to 52 on Monday, Lesson 53 to 58 on Tuesday and lesson 54 to 69 on Wednesday
19 Jan, 2019IV-D Hindi
Learn poem for grading
19 Jan, 2019IV-D Mathematics
Do practice of Q A and B of Ex 9.7
19 Jan, 2019IV-D E.V.S.
Learn Back Exercise of Chapter- 16
19 Jan, 2019IV-D G.K.
Test of Chapter- 51 on Monday
19 Jan, 2019IV-E Hindi
Read lesson - 15
19 Jan, 2019IV-E Mathematics
Complete Ex 10.1 in book and copy
19 Jan, 2019IV-E E.V.S.
Learn Back Exercise of Chapter- 16
19 Jan, 2019IV-F Hindi
Learn the book exercise of lesson 13. Final Term project submission will be 21/1/2019 and recitation of poem
19 Jan, 2019IV-F Computer
Learn computer worksheet and paste it in Notebook
19 Jan, 2019V-A Hindi
Bring course notebook on Monday and test of Chapter- 12 of course
19 Jan, 2019V-A Mathematics
Complete till Q A of Ex 12.4
19 Jan, 2019V-A Computer
Do Question a, b, c, d and f of Chapter- 4 in notebook
19 Jan, 2019V-C Hindi
Last date to introduce Dohe is 31.1.2019 i.e. Monday
19 Jan, 2019V-C Mathematics
Complete Q A and B of Ex 12.3 and 12.4 A part in copy
19 Jan, 2019V-D Hindi
Learn dhohe for Grading
19 Jan, 2019V-D Mathematics
Do Q B of Ex 10.3 in copy
19 Jan, 2019V-D Computer
Complete Chapter- 4 Question Answers
19 Jan, 2019V-D Social Science
Lesson - 18 Paste or Draw 3 diagrams each of mode of Transport, mass communication, Means of Transport
19 Jan, 2019V-D Science
Test of lesson 22, 24 book exercise and from Chapter on Monday. Submit ISA Activity on Tuesday
19 Jan, 2019V-E Mathematics
Practice Ex 12.1
19 Jan, 2019V-E G.K.
Bring worksheet on Wednesday.
19 Jan, 2019V-E Social Science
Draw flow chart given on page 179. Bring SSt copy
19 Jan, 2019V-F Mathematics
Practice Ex 12.1
19 Jan, 2019V-F E.V.S.
Bring Science and Social Science copies on Monday
19 Jan, 2019VII-A English
Complete Q/A of Chapter- 17
19 Jan, 2019VII-A Hindi
Read Chapter- 16 and find Q/Ans
19 Jan, 2019VII-A Social Science
Find Q/Ans of Chapter- 10 of History
19 Jan, 2019VII-A Science
Draw all the diagrams. Bring Q/Ans copy. Also bring Exemplar
19 Jan, 2019VII-C English
Complete Lesson 17 and bring copy on Monday for checking
19 Jan, 2019VII-C Hindi
Bring Grammar and Mahabharat Notebook for clicking on Monday
19 Jan, 2019VII-C Social Science
Roll No. 1 - 27 Bring Geography and History copy. Bring Civics book
19 Jan, 2019VII-C Science
Bring NCERT QAns and notes.
19 Jan, 2019VII-E English
Do Q/ Ans of Chapter- 17 and submit copy for checking on Monday
19 Jan, 2019VII-E Hindi
Read Chapter- 18 . Also find Q/Ans
19 Jan, 2019VII-E Mathematics
Do Q 4 and 8 of Ex 11.2
19 Jan, 2019VII-E Social Science
Read Chapter- 10 and find its Q/Ans
19 Jan, 2019VII-E Science
Bring Q/Ans copy and Exemplar/ Draw Diagram.
19 Jan, 2019VIII-A Mathematics
Test of Chapter- 2, 5, 6 on Wednesday
19 Jan, 2019VIII-A Social Science
Bring Geography book
19 Jan, 2019VIII-B English
Find Q/Ans of Chapter- 16
19 Jan, 2019VIII-B Hindi
Bring Grammar copy for checking and bring main book and copy
19 Jan, 2019VIII-B Sanskrit
Do activities given on page no. 111 of book in copy. Complete your work and bring it for checking
19 Jan, 2019VIII-B Mathematics
Revise Chapter - 14
19 Jan, 2019VIII-B Social Science
Read Chapter- 12 of History
19 Jan, 2019VIII-C English
Complete work bank of Chapter- 16
19 Jan, 2019VIII-C Drawing
Complete your work
19 Jan, 2019VIII-C Social Science
Do Q/Ans of History in notebook
19 Jan, 2019VIII-E Hindi
Bring course book and notebook and complete Q/Ans of Chapter- 16
19 Jan, 2019VIII-E Social Science
Do Q/Ans from 3 to 12 of History and bring Geography book
19 Jan, 2019VIII-E Science
Bring C.w. and Homework copy for checking
19 Jan, 2019IX-A English
Last date for submitting copy is Wednesday
19 Jan, 2019IX-A Hindi-B
Bring Grammar notebook .
19 Jan, 2019IX-A Social Science
Bring Geography book
19 Jan, 2019IX-A Science
Bring notebook
19 Jan, 2019IX-E English
Bring Beehive and notebook every day
19 Jan, 2019IX-E Hindi
Bring Sparsh Book on Monday and do Sample Paper.
19 Jan, 2019IX-E Mathematics
Revise c.w.
19 Jan, 2019IX-E Social Science
Revise History Chapter- 4 (1 - 10 Questions) and Do Q/Ans of Chapter- 6 population in Geography Question 1 - 12
19 Jan, 2019IX-E Science
Read chapter- 12 Sound

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