Class - II - Picture Letters


Activity: Picture Letter To Mother And Teacher

" Moving from glory to glory, evading every corner of darkness greenway never fails trailing on the cliff of enduring success. "

On 25th April 2018,  an ISA group activity was organized for class II students at our school to provide the students on importance of mothers and teachers in their life. Different roles that mothers and teachers plays for them. Students were told to bring the material in advance for the activity. This activity is a part of ISA Activity on the topic " The Rising Unassailable Goddess " it involved cent percent participation of students with vital guidance of teachers. Activity aimed at bringing the best of a child's imagination. The students were guided by the  teacher to make a picture letter for their mother and teachers. Students made different creative things like collage, cards, photo frames, etc.

The purpose of the activity is to make the students realize the importance of mother and teachers in their life and what additional effort are put by their mother and teachers for their upbringing.

Students got a better exposure to showcase their creativity,  talent and feelings for a mother and teachers.

All the students actively participated in this activity.

Making of Picture letters

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