Secondary & Senior Secondary Department

 30.9.2022 and 1.10.2022

" *No matter how hard Evil tries, it can never quite match up to the power of Good, because Evil is* *ultimately self-destructive".*

To enhance the glorious heritage, culture and traditions among our students and to keep the festive spirit alive , Greenway Modern School, Dilshad Garden , conducted an assembly on Dussehra, on 30 September and 1st October' 22, including a dance drama in which children were beautifully  dressed up to play the role of their favourite mythological characters from Ramayana. The children who enacted these roles were perfect in their poise, confidence and expression and reinforced the message that good always triumphs over evil. 

The assembly was addressed by our respected senior coordinator, Ms. Anuja Jaitely, our activity in-charge, Ms Jaishree Shreedharan and our primary wing in-charge Ms Renu Gupta, who appreciated and emboldened the students for their fabulous performance.      Click here to view more photographs




QUIZ ZEE TV - 30.9.2022  

Mind Wars in collaboration with ZEE TV  had conducted quiz for class 6th to 10th  in school premises on 30th September 2022. Three best studenrs from each class were selected for this quiz There were two rounds on the basis of written 12 students were selected as finalists. In the second round questions were asked with regard to current affairs, entertainment,  art & music,  history, geography etc .It was an unique opportunity the students got to check their IQ,  spontaneity etc. The winners were

Gyan kher 7 E      1st

Nakshatra saraswat 8 A  

Agam jain 10 b      2nd

Vash gupta 10 a

Veerang singh dagar 10 F   

Avika Sabharwal 8 G      3d

Aaditya kashyap 8th A

Sarthak kumar 10 a 

Navyanshi 10 D

Shanaya joshi 7F

Arpit Gupta 10 d

Jai sharma 7 E

The Principal of the school congratulated the winners and emphasized that such activities should be conducted time to time so that students are updated with the current ,& past events.   Click here to view more photographs




ANOTHER MILESTONE IN ZONAL SPORTS 2022-2023 - 14.09.2022    

 Physical Fitness is now a matter of National Concern. The strength of our democracy lies in the collective well-being of our people. Industrial development has given us mechanical devices, such as automatic washers, vacuum cleaners and gas furnaces. These have reduced human work in domestic affairs. Television, radio, tape recorders, play stations and other such devices have made the lives of children and youth sedentary. Similarly, vehicles have reduced the volume of normal activities such as walking and moving around. Since activity is the basis of life, the human body cannot remain in normal condition without activity.

The deficiency can be made up by providing regular physical exercise to the masses. This can be made possible, on a large, through run for fun fitness programs, adventure sports etc.

Greenwanians participated in various zonal sports activities with full of zeal and enthusiasm and they brought laurels in various categories which were as follow:-

  1. HANDBALL - Junior (Boys) Secured First Position.
  2. HANDBALL - Sub-Junior (Boys) Secured First Position.
  3. HANDBALL - Senior (Girls) Secured First Position.
  4. HANDBALL - Sub-Junior (Girls) Secured First Position.
  5. THROWBALL -Senior(Boys) Secured First Position.
  6. THROWBALL -Junior (Boys) Secured First Position.
  7. THROWBALL -Sub-Junior(Boys) Secured First Position.
  8. THROWBALL -Senior (Girls) Secured First Position.
  9. BADMINTON -Sub-Junior (Boys) Secured First Position.
  10. BADMINTON -Senior (Girls) Secured First Position.
  11. BASKETBALL -Sub-Junior (Boys) Secured First Position.
  12. BASKETBALL- Senior (Girls) Secured First Position.
  13. BASKETBALL- Sub-Junior (Girls) Secured First Position.
  14. BADMINTON -Senior (Boys) Secured Second Position.
  15. CHESS -Junior (Boys) Secured Second Position.
  16. VOLLEYBALL -Senior (Boys) Secured Second Position.
  17. VOLLEYBALL -Senior (Girls) Secured Second Position.
  18. HANDBALL - Junior (Girls) Secured Second Position.
  19. THROWBALL -Junior (Girls) Secured Second Position.
  20. HANDBALL - Senior (Boys) Secured Third Position.
  21. CHESS -Junior (Girls) Secured Third Position.
  22. BASKETBALL- Junior (Girls) Secured Third Position

The Principal of the school Mr. Mohit Sachdeva appreciated and congratulated the winners and participants and the whole Physical Education Fraternity for training and getting the best results.




POSHAN MAAH 02.09.2022

POSHAN MAAH  02.09.2022

As per the CBSE/ACAD/DS(MS)2002 Circular no ACAD/-95/2022 dt.2nd September 2022 the students of Greenway Modern School Dilshad Garden conducted theme based activities in which they took pledge that they will keep themselves well nourished by eating Green Leafy vegetables avoiding junk food. The teachers explained the importance of balanced diet and they made posters to sensitize the community on POSHAN BHI,PADHAI BHI




A teacher is like a candle who burns himself to lighten up the whole world. They show us the righteous path when we are directionless and hence play a vital role in educating our society and making this world a better place.   To honor and appreciate their hardwork and determination, Greenway Modern School celebrated "Teachers Day 2022" with great gusto and gaiety.  To begin the day with a respectful gesture; all teachers were presented with flowers as a token of love by the student council members. The morning assembly began with a melodious Guru Vandana: Reverence for the teacher, followed by a group song. Sheepu Raipa, a student of class XII-A, gave an emphatic speech stressing on the importance of this day and the impeccable works of Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan towards the society. Ananya P Nair of class XI-B expressed her emotions through a beautifully composed poem. Further the talented dancers displayed an energetic performance for the teachers and finally the Principal, Mr Mohit Sachdeva, gave a thanksgiving speech articulating his regards to all the teacher and students.     Click here to view more photographs





JANMASHTAMI 2022 GREENWAY MODERN SCHOOL - 16 to 18 August , 2022

Janmashtami, celebrated  to mark the birthday of Lord Krishna, is a symbol of the end of darkness and rooting out of the evil forces from the world. Janmashtami celebration was held in Greenway Modern School from 16th Aug to 18th Aug during the assembly. The programme began with a devotional prayer song by the choir accompanied by a skit. This beautiful skit prepared by the students portrayed the childhood life of Lord Krishna revealing his innocence, love and care for others. The cute little ones added to the beauty of the show when they danced to the beat of Janmashtami song, filling the air with a festive spirit. Dressed as Radha and Krishna, senior students enthralled the audience with their dandiya dance. Audience gave them a big round of applause. Finally the Sr Coordinator Ms. Anuja Jaitley addressed the assembly with her kind and motivating words. She concluded her speech with a vote of thanks and appreciated students for a colourful and vibrant performance.   Click here to view more photographs 






With patriotism filled in the air, Greenway Modern School celebrated 76th Independence Day on 13th August 2022 with great joy and pomp. The day began with the flag hoisting ceremony by the principal Mr Mohit Sachdeva, followed by singing of the national anthem. He also delivered a welcome speech in which he conveyed his ideas regarding India's future and its entry at the global standards, making it a superpower in the upcoming years. 

Later a patriotic song filled with grace and delicacy was presented by the choir. A cultural dance lifted the show by inculcating immense pride in the hearts of students as well as teachers. Explaining about the significance of this day to the young children, the head-boy of school, Himanshu Morwal gave an emphatic speech. Besides giving them a huge round of applause, the principal appreciated these charming dancers and singers for their alluring performance. 


To brighten the day, various class activities were also conducted for the students.


Class- 1 & 2:

Handprint Indian flag 


Class- 3 & 4:

Tricolour candles with Icecream sticks/ Cardboard


Class- 5:

Tricolour Bookmarks


Class- 6:

Tricolour Paper Fan Flower 



Tricolour 3D flowers


Class- 8 & 9:

Tricolour pista shell flower


Class- 10

Tricolour badges 


Class- 11 

Posters on Independence Day


Class- 12

In a chart paper the students wrote one liner expressing 'What does freedom mean to them '             Click here to view more photographs 






Raksha Bandhan is a time to celebrate the bond between brothers and sisters. The festival Raksha Bandhan, meaning "The Bond of Protection", is an auspicious occasion which involves the sister tying the sacred thread on her brother's wrist.

To strengthen this bond of eternal love, Greenway Modern School conducted a 'Rakhi Making Competition' for classes I and II. The tiny tots made colourful  Rakhis by using decorative threads, sheets, stars, mirrors and pearls. Similarly 'Cooking Without Fire' was held from class III to X where students made various delicious and healthy dishes in class. It is also a way to foster in the  developing minds the importance of cooking without carrying a gender barrier. 

Sweets are a trademark of joy, happiness, love but most importantly a token of gratitude to fellow beings. "Kuch Meetha Ho Jaaye" was an inter house competition in which students made sweet delicacies to celebrate this delightful occasion. The Sr Coordinator Ms. Anuja Jaitley and Nursery In-charge Ms. Roopali judged their cuisines on the basis of taste, presentation and nutrition. Both the senior and middle wing participated in the event with great zeal and enthusiasm. The principal Mr. Mohit Sachdeva also appreciated the students and teachers for their diligent hard work and dedication. 






 *1st* Purity House

 *2nd* Love & Peace House

 *3rd* Harmony House 




 *1st*  Harmony & Peace House

 *2nd*  Love House

 *3rd*  Purity House

Click here to view more photographs





Youth plays a crucial role in national development, which is a constructive process of engaging all citizens in building a cohesive, prosperous and stable society. 

In order to enlighten the students about legislative processes and instill patriotism among them, a Youth Parliament Session was held on 1st August 2022 in the presence of principal Mr Mohit Sachdeva and senior coordinator Mrs Anuja Jaitley.  DCP Harsh Ingora was the Chief Guest and Dr Sanjeev Sharma, who is currently serving as an Associate Professor at Dr Ambedkar International Centre, was the Guest of Honour. A colourful welcome was given to the honoured guests.  They were gifted with a plant followed by the lightning of the lamp. Choir gave a divine start to the show with a melodious song. The students, who designated themselves as ministers and politicians, began their wonderful skit. This one hour session provided a platform for them to experience diverse aspects of a parliamentary democracy and improve their leadership skills. 

Both the guests delivered an inspiring speech and congratulated the entire team for their eye catching performance. The principal gave his vote of thanks in which he expressed his gratitude towards the distinguished guests and appreciated the young leaders for their diligent hardwork. He also mentioned the tireless efforts given by Ms Kiran, Ms Mamta , Ms Deepa Patole and the activity coordinator Ms Jaishree for making this event a big success.       Click here to view more photographs 





The relationships that principals have with students help keep them connected to the life of the school. It keeps their finger on the pulse, so to speak. It helps them catch small problems before they become bigger. When principals know students on a personal level, they are much better able to understand how their decisions might impact students. In fact, if they have relationships with students, the students are going to be much more willing to come to the principal over concerns, both personal, or related to the larger student body. Existing positive relationships can also make disciplinary encounters much more effective. A principal’s positive relationships with students also reinforce to the faculty what the principal values.

To respect the vitality and importance of principal-student relationship and to boost them up; Greenway Modern School organised an interactive and invigorating session with the students of class XIIth on 22nd July 2022 .The principal, Mr. Mohit Sachdeva gave his valuable time and relentless effort to make the students comfortable as most students feel intimidated in the presence of the principal. His amiable behaviour and benign attitude with the students made the session a great success. He talked about the importance of being career optimistic; to stand out in the crowd with a positive and strong aura and to equip themselves for the upcoming challenges the students will face being the flag bearers of the society in the near future. His encouraging words backed by humorous personal instances in his life gave vibes of determination and self – confidence to the students.

The session receives positive response from the students who needed support and words to ignite the extinguished fire and to adjust to the “new normal”. It was lauded by the teachers as they felt that the intimidating aura of the principal straightened the naughty students while his amicable behaviour uplifted the despondent ones to look forward to a fresh start





PARTICIPATION IN SEJONG YOUTH FORUM - THEME ‘OUR PLANET MATTERS’. On 21st & 22nd July 2022 Sejong Office of Education, South Korea organized a youth forum on the theme ‘OUR PLANET MATTERS’. Global issues were addressed and challenges were discussed. Our students of class IX, X and XI participated in the session. The participants could enrich cultural diversity, empathy, and progress to the entire world through networking with global peers. On the first day various personalities such as Mr. Kyung-koo Han / Secretary-general Korean National Comission for UNESCO gave a congratulatory message and Ed Gillespie/Director of Greenpeace UK addressed the event. Teenagers from eight countries namely India, Malaysia, Korea ,Taiwan, Japan, Indonesia, Turkey and Kazakhstan discussed the environmental issues and told various steps taken in their country for environmental protection. On the second day, Ms. Marianne Thomsen/Professor, University of Copenhagen and Lana Weidgenant/ Gen Z environmental activist, discussed about environmental problems and their solutions along with a PPT.

Overall, the session was an eye-opener for the students and indeed very engaging as well. Pre-recorded videos were shown. Alternatives were also suggested .Some of the delegates shared their stories of how they resolved the environmental issue. Two students of our school, Abhay Sood of XI C and James Thang Za Muan of X E got the golden opportunity to represent India for the discussion in the Forum.  We are very grateful to all the organizers for giving our school the opportunity to participate.

The students who participated in this webinar were:

Abhay Sood 

James Thang Za Muan

Deveshi Kaita 

Vidit Maheshwari 

Shyla Negi 


Shreyan Kaul

Anshika Jha

Ansh Peter



The Principal of the school appreciated and congratulated the efforts of the students and teachers.




INVESTITURE CEREMONY - 2022 - 2023 - 22.07.2022 


 With great power comes great responsibility.

A momentous day for Greenwanians, 22 July 2022 dawned to bestow responsibilities on the deserving young leaders of the Greenway Modern School to lead it from the front with utmost commitment, confidence and competence.

Investiture Ceremony, the most awaited and auspicious occasion for all students, was held with great zeal and enthusiasm. The ceremony began with a heartwarming message from the principal Mr Mohit Sachdeva. He, along with the senior coordinator Mrs Anuja  graced the occasion with their benign presence. In addition to  the badge, these young leaders were also given the sashe and respective house flags which they held with pride and honour.

Marching towards the stage, first came the House Captains, Head boys and Head girls and then Secretaries.


•Harmony House 

Senior Captain: Archit Singhal

Middle Wing Captain: Vidushi


•Love House

Senior Captain: Tanya Roy

Middle Wing Captain: Aditi Tomar


Peace House

Senior Captain: Tanprayag Bharadwaj

Middle Wing Captain: Sneha Ahuja


•Purity House

Senior Captain: Sheepu Raipa

Middle Wing Captain: Parthi


•Primary Wing

Head boy: Siddharth Sinha

Head girl: Samaira


•Middle Wing

Head boy: Om

Head girl: Sambhavi


•Senior Wing

Head boy: Himanshu Morwal

Head girl: Satakshi Datta


•Sports Secretary

Bhoumik Choudhary


•English Club Secretary

Anshika Yadav


•Cultural Secretary

Sania Rose Saji 


All members expressed their commitment to work by taking the oath. The principal while congratulating the students conveyed his joy and admonished them to be sincere and dedicated towards their duties. He also exhorted them to uphold the values and become great leaders and wonderful citizens of the country. A big round of applause echoed through the school ground. The ceremony winded up with the singing of the evergreen school song followed by the national anthem.  Click here to view more photographs 





As a part of NCC training, seventeen cadets of Greenway Modern School partook in the CATC Camp 2022 (Combined Annual Training Camp) held at 2 DGBN, Rohini, New Delhi between 6 July and 15 July 2022 in which they made their presence felt and won appreciation for various competitions held during the session.

The rigorous training schedule at the NCC camp included PT, drills, yoga,work-outs, various competitions, and informative lectures. Apart from that, they also got the opportunity to go for a firing session at The Rajputana regiment where they performed extremely well, aiming at the target with the real guns fueled up the cadets with thrills.

In cultural programs, they won accolades for their goose-bumping performance in a solo and group dance competition and stole the show.

Staying at NCC for ten days was a life-changing experience for the cadets. They learned discipline, time management, self-dependence, teamwork, and love for the nation under the guardianship of Ms. Sarita Sirswal who stayed with them throughout the camp to ensure their well-being.    Click here to view more photographs 





In today’s age, there are abundant career options that you can pursue after Class 10th or 12th. However, while making a career decision students enrol for courses by following herd mentality, taking courses that are most popular, or selecting a course as per what their parents force them to take. Majority of the students take admission to courses without evaluating their abilities, aptitude, or interest. To top it all, the Government of India enunciated the compulsory enforcement of the Entrance Test for admission to colleges in consonance with the National Education Policy.  The emergence of Common University Entrance Test has broken the practice of admissions on the basis of class 12th percentage and created a pandemonium of unawareness and panic among the students.

To help the students be fully aware of apt information to pave their way for a bright future, Greenway Modern School, Delhi organised a workshop regarding detailed information about CUET and career awareness for commerce and humanities students of Class XII. The students were guided by Ms Aditi Sharma, Senior Counsellor at EduMENTOR. The workshop inculcated commitment and seriousness among the students and students who were very conflicted got a chance to have a one on one interaction with her. An explicit overview of traditional, integrated and professional course was provided to them. The school was lauded for taking such an initiative to extricate its students from the wave of utter confusion. The school received positive feedbacks from the students who were able to clear their heads and choose the career coinciding with their field of interest.

Positive response was also received from the teachers who attended the workshop and they were able to understand the importance of certain areas that students should keep in mind while preparing for CUET, the cut-off and merit system and points to be kept in mind while filling out application forms for the entrance exam. As many students are striving ceaselessly to get a seat in their “dream college”; authentic information, backed by resolute efforts and a well planned structure of study and periodic evaluations will aid a student to succeed in fulfilling his dreams and have a bright future ahead.





International Yoga Day is celebrated all over the world on June 21st across the globe. The theme for this year's International yoga day 2022 is 'YOGA FOR HUMANITY". To commemorate yoga day Greenway Modern School celebrated on 21st June 2022 in which the students and teachers actively participated. The students depicted various Asanas through posters, videos. The NCC Cadets and the Sports students performed various ASANAS in school premises under the supervision of Ms. Silky Sharma NCC CARE TAKER and P.Et  Mr. Mukesh Sharma   The subject teachers integrated yoga with their respective subject.

The Principal of the school Mr. Mohit Sachdeva appreciated the efforts of teachers in CELEBRATING INTERNATIONAL YOGA DAY and congratulated the students for their active participation.      Click here to view more photographs 





Father’s day is celebrated across the world with the objective of realizing and honoring the contribution of father in the society.  It is a day which celebrates the fatherhood paternal bonds and the efforts of male parents towards their family and society. 

The students of Greenway Modern School showed their love and respect towards their father by doing the following activities. Hand Printed Card, cutout photo frame, Scribble mug, Goodie bag posters etc. The Principal of the school appreciated the efforts of students and teachers.    Click here to view more photographs 




Greenway Modern school celebrated World Environment Day virtually with great fanfare on June 5th, 2022.. The main purpose of the celebration was to spread awareness about the need to protect the environment and the ways to do it. The students planted saplings and took a pledge to save the environment. Class 1 & 2 made water bottle planters, class 3 to 5 paper bag with newspaper, 6 to 8 made tetra-pack bird Feeder, dustbin Class 12th students made lovely  posters, wrote slogans, articles self-composed poems. Apart from the above the students also planted saplings. The Principal of the school appreciated the efforts of the students & teachers that even during the summer vacations the students are taking initiative to protect the environment.     Click here to view more photographs 






*VAIBHAV SRIVASTAVA of class XII C* outshined and won III Position in National level camp held at *IIT BHU,* organized by Vidyarthi Vigyan Manthan (VVM) Exam. VVM is India’s largest Science Talent search Exam.

He won:

 Cash prize of Rs 10,000/-

 Bhaskara scholarship, Rs 2000/- per month for a year.

 In addition to this he will get an opportunity for extensive training and internship at DRDO, CSIR, ISRO, BARC etc .

 The Principal of the school appreciated and congratulated the effort of the student, encouraged and motivated other students.





Sustainable development has a dynamic concept which is defined as ' meeting the needs of the present progeny without compromising the ability of future generation to meet their own need. Greenway had initiated a project( poster campaign) on SDG. Students participated from Classes 6th to 10th  and surprised all  with the help of their science and drawing teachers  amazing skills.  They were  appreciated by  Principal sir.  



 FIRST POSITION          : OM (VIII th E)


 THIRD POSITION          :  DHRISHTI ( VII th ' F' )


PRIZE                               :   VANSHIKA ( VII th ' F').





The Sustainable Development Goals, also known as the Global Goals, are a call from the United Nations to all countries around the world to address the great challenges that humanity faces and to ensure that all people have the same opportunities to live a better life without compromising our planet. This concept is not new, it has been followed by many cultures over the course of history with an aim of maintaining a balance between man and nature as well as economy.  From the last two or three decades, we have seen that for the sake of economic growth, the health of the environment has taken a toll. As a result, there has been an impact on the environment such as decline in air quality and climate change due to greenhouse gases.

To contribute our part, we tried to inculcate sustainability in our curriculum.   All these factors led to the need for sustainable development, as if left unchecked it can cause irreversible damage to the environment.  When there seemed no beckoning call of future for the hapless and helpless then Greenway has endeavored to enlighten the people, pupils and society about the imperatives of sustainable development. 

Our first project under this series was for class XII.

Project: Reduce Inequalities’

Target: Reduce inequality within and among countries.

Students did comparative study of any two countries in the groups and suggested ways to reduce these inequalities.

Best entries were awarded with the certificates.

The Principal of the school appreciated the efforts of the students and the teacher Incharge.




Group members





















Anmol        Click here to view more photographs 






Greenway Modern School Dilshad Garden, Delhi - 95 Organised ATL COMMUNITY DAY on 12th May, 2022. It was a step towards innovation, to extend the frontiers of learning and knowledge among children of various schools as well as an NGO. 

The event was graced by the presence of honorable Principal of the school Mr. Mohit Sachdeva as well as eminent guests which included CBSE Regional Director, Mr. J. K. Yadav and Dr. Hemant Kushwaha ( professor at JNU , school of biotechnology) ,Dr. Anupama Singh Founder Director ( Sequoia  Insilico) and many others. 

The Greenway ATL lab has completed its 4 years journey through which it has won a multitude of Tinker Fests and Competitions.  Moreover an Exhibition was organized which included innovative models by our ATL innovators like alcohol detector, medico meter ,Smart attendance System, RC car with hand Gesture etc. A workshop was also organized by the ATL mentors for children from other schools and the NGO. The children actively participated.  All in all, the aim of greenway to spread the mantra -"*IMAGINE, INNOVATE, IMPLEMENT"* was a resounding success.

Principal of the School Mr. Mohit Sachdeva appreciated the efforts of teachers ATL –In-charge Ms. Manju Kasana, Activity Coordinator Ms. Jayshree Sreedharan and other teachers for Organizing  such an innovative Exhibition and workshop.   Click here to view more photographs




The day that celebrates the love, teachings, compassion and essence of a mother is Mother’s Day. The mother-child  relationship is a sacred bond. This day is a day of delight for all the children and there could not be a more universal celebration  than to celebrate Mother’s Day. Keeping the same zeal and ebullience, Greenwanians celebrated Mother’s Day at homes. The students of Greenway Modern School, Dilshad Garden, showered their love and bestowed fealty to their  mothers by contributing to making posters, adorable cards, messages filled with innocence and concern, self composed poems and even proffered their cooking abilities to their mothers by having non-fire cooking at home for them. The Primary wing  students also made beautiful handmade gifts for their mothers and each way of expressing their gratitude was special and unique in its own way.  The Principal of the school, Mr. Mohit Sachdeva, felt delighted to see the enthusiasm of the students and also praised their efforts  put in and inspired the students to inculcate virtuous deeds and  resort to ethical ways that makes the parents happy.  Click here to view more photographs 







The INTERNATIONAL DANCE DAY is observed globally on 29th April every year. The day celebrates the value and importance of the dance and encourages participation in thus art form. This day is also celebrated to promote the multiple benefits of dancing, to recognize dance as  stress reliever expressing oneself a way of celebrating happiness and an activity that brings people together.    The Primary, Middle & Senior wing of Greenway Modern School celebrated International Dance day with great zeal and enthusiasm.  The students of class 1&2 came in fancy clothes danced to the tune of music, Class 3,4 &5 students played quiz on various dance forms, the students of card made a placard on the dance form gave a presentation whereas the students of 9th wrote why it is necessary to dance & for the students of class 10th it was a talent hunt. The students danced from bollywood, folk and western style form. The several of the dance forms really made the audience tap their feet.  The Principal of the school appreciated the efforts made by the students & teachers.   Click here to view more photographs


The school organized a visit to the International Inter-University accelerator center (IUAC)  on 20th April, 2022.  A group of 23 students accompanied by the physics faculty of the school got the opportunity to be a part of this programme. IUAC is an autonomous Inter - University center established to provide internationally competitive, front - ranking accelerator based research facilities to the researchers in the areas of Nuclear physics, Materials science, Atomic physics, Radiation biology, Accelerator mass spectrometry.  It was a once in a lifetime opportunity for our young learners. It opened for them the door to a new world of accelerator science. Many of them got inspired to even pursue research as their career.  The students witnessed one of the few large neutron detector arrays in the world, peloton Accelerator, AMS and RBS facilities. All in all, it was an insightful experience which enhanced the students' knowledge in the field of research.












A Mock Drill on Disaster management was conducted for students under the supervision of Teacher Coordinator Ms. Silky Sharma. The teacher explained that in case of Fire how we have to use the Fire Extinguisher and other points like to wear a blanket, etc.  The students understood the importance and in any case of disaster how they can manage. A fruitful session. The other teachers who were present were Mr. Mukesh Sharma HOD (P.Ed), Ms Geeta Sharma, Ms. Bhagyashree & Activity Coordinator Ms.Jaishree Shreedharan.






Every year Earth Day is celebrated on 22nd April at Greenway Modern school to remind the students of their duties towards Mother Nature. A Myriad of activities was conducted by Primary Middle & Senior wing students. They took pledge that they will not use plastic. They also planted saplings, made posters, wrote poems, slogans, made videos, and articles to save mother earth. The day was marked not only by awareness but also enthusiasm on the part of students. Teachers also made students aware of the importance of mother earth. The Principal of the school appreciated the efforts of students & teachers to take such initiatives to save mother earth. 

Click here to view more photographs

Click here to view more photographs





World Heritage Day is annually celebrated on 18th April. It tells the importance of ancient historical buildings and their preservation for the protection of their infrastructure WORLD HERITAGE DAY is celebrated. The Primary, Middle & Senior Wing students of Greenway Modern School celebrated the day by giving presentation on the monuments state-wise, lesser known monuments, made slogans & Posters on why it is necessary to save our heritage. The students showed lot of enthusiasm and zeal. Principal of the school appreciated the efforts of the students and teacher in-charges.   Click here to view more photographs




The Primary, Middle & Senior Wing celebrated Health day with lot of enthusiasm.  The students of Class I  & II made the diet chart whereas the Classes III, IV, & V played well-being bingo and the students of Classes VI, VII & VIII did Cooking Without Fire and told the nutrients present in food, whereas Classes IX to XII  made posters & animations. The teachers made them how important is health and what diet we should all eat to stay fit and remain healthy. It is rightly said HEALTH IS WEALTH.   The winners of the competition in classes VI to VIII  are World Health DayActivity-Cooking without Fire   Click here to view more photographs


I- Aditya Kashyap 

II- Pushkar Sharma

III- Monis Ahmad



I- Aarav jain

II- Pragya Tayal

III- Shreein Gazi



I- Neelam Panchal

II- Anushka Sharma

III- Shashwat Singh & Ishika Arora



I- Harshit Suryvanshi

II- Shree Rastogi & Shivangi Joshi

III-  Harleen Kaur




I- Madhav Bhasin 

II- Arth Barnwal

III- Unnati Jain and Samanvi Jain


I- Parth Sharma

II- Sarthak

III- Pari



I- Vidushi

II- Harini

III- Shourya Singh Dagar


1.Harshit Handa


3.Aarush Gupta



1.Yash Choudhary

2.Ananya jain

3.Arnav choudhary



1. Priyanshu,

Atharv vashitha Tyagi




Radhika Verma



1.Lavanya Tewatiya

2.Riddhima Upadhyay

3.Dishant Sharma









1.Siddharth, Nabhay,Govind

2.Jagrit,Joshit Divya

3.Sagnik ,Poorvi




2.Ayaan Rabbani

& Kavya



1. kalashTomar 

2. Garvit Kumar & 

Suhani Sharma 

3.Yash Yadav

& Ishant Maan




1. Pihu &Anika 

2.Kshitij & Ananya

3.Aastha & Aditi 

Consolation-  Gauransh and Yashika



1  Aleesha & Tanisha 

2. Lavansh & Vivek

3.Sejal  & Shanvi




1. Vanshika kharab

2.Lisha Gupta

3.Jai Sharma & Shresth Kaushik




1. Tribhuvan Sanoria 

2. Mayank Vats 

3.  Eipsa & Kanak

Consolation- Ankit Parida and Vanshika Verma





School reopened after two years of Pandemic.  Children were so happy & energetic. School blossomed once again. The teachers welcomed them with their open arms and the students were full of energy & smile to be back in school. The teachers and the students prayed that in coming years everything should be peaceful and all must remain healthy & happy.   Click here to view more photographs














This years Pariksha Pe Charcha was held live by PRIME MINISTER at TALKATORA STADIUM. PPC is part of the larger movement  EXAM WARRIORS led by our PRIME MINISTER to create a stress free atmosphere for youngsters. The PM urged everyone to put exams in the right perspective, rather than making it a life and death situation punctuated by undue stress and pressure. Students and Parents along with teachers interacted with PM wherein he explained how to manage time during exams, how to become stress free, and how to deal with life. He also explained to everyone that exams are just to check the knowledge of students not to judge their capabilities.  Students learned about the real idea of conducting examinations besides the fact that examinations are not conducted to judge someone. They also got to know that how one should be when the examinations are going on. The students learned about stress free lifestyle even during exam time. Before the interactive session the PM saw the models made by the students and appreciated them for their innovation.   The GREENWANIANS are really thankful to the PM for taking the initiative of such a session.



A free vaccination camp for the second time  was organized at Greenway Modern school for the students of 12 to 14 and 15 to 18 yrs in collaboration with NGO SRI MARUT NANDAN SEWA SANSTHA.  Near about 200 students availed this opportunity.  The Principal of the School Mr. Mohit Sachdeva congratulated and appreciated the efforts of the STAFF in making this campaign a big success.


A NOBLE CAUSE - 25.03.2022

The students of Greenway Modern School students donated their previous books to the poor & needy residing in slum areas of Seemapuri. The books were collected and were given to the Beat Officers for further distribution. The overwhelming response of the students and parents was really praiseworthy.  The Principal of the School Mr.Mohit Sachdeva appreciated the efforts of Parents, Students and teachers.





Greenway Modern School organized orientation session for the students of classes 1 to 10 (2022_2023) on 25th & 26th March 2022.As the school is reopening after two years of Pandemic the Academic In-charges of Primary, Middle & Senior cleared the parents apprehensions of sending their wards to the school. They were also made aware about the Examination Pattern, activities and other minute details which were going to take place in the coming academic year. The parents cleared their doubts in the question answer session and all the queries were answered by the respective In-charges in a very fruitful manner. The parents were happy with the session and the session ended on a positive note.





*Vaibhav Srivastav* of class XIC cleared second and final level of NTSE Exam.He  won scholarship from Directorate of education and NCERT for Sr. Sec, Graduation and post Graduation studies. Principal of the school congratulated & appreciated his effort & success     

Greenwanians outshined in VVM Exam , conducted by VIGYAN Prasar, VIJNANA Bharati and NCERT. VVM is largest Science Talent search Exam.

* *Vaibhav Srivastav* of class XI C and *Siya Gaur **of class XI A , *Eshita Nagaria* of class X E got  1st position and *Yash kumar** of class VIII A got III position at District level in VVM Exam. They also qualified for State level. The Principal of the school congratulated and appreciated the success of the students



A two day public dialogue was organized on 22nd and 24th February 2022 by SRI SRI MARUT NANDAN SEWA SANSTA in collaboration with KAILASH SATYARTHI CHILDRENS FOUNDATION at GREENWAY MODERN SCHOOL DILSHAD GARDEN, wherein various issues related to child abuse and child trafficking was taken and eminent personalities participated in this event. The parents whose children who were affected also took part in it. The distinguished guests took various aspects of it and provided the solutions how we can eliminate this gradually from our society. They also promised to give various help to the children who went through this phase during their childhood. Ms. Geetika Sharma IAS , District Magistrate North East who was the Chief Guest of this event also gave her full support, so that these kind of acts are fully eliminated from the society. The other guests who were present at this event were:



3. Supreme Court lawyer Mayank Sharma

4. Mr. Dhruv Agarwal ( chairperson of international committee of jurist )

5. Padamshree Jitendar Singh Shunty (Social Worker Saheed  Bhagat Singh Seva Dal).

6. Vaibhav  Srivastava ( state co-ordinator of Government School SMC )

7. RWA President Charan Pal Singh

8. RWA President Awdesh Kumar

9. Manish Bhargav ICICI Bank Senior Manager Dilshad Garden

10. Principal Prerna Barsaley Greenfield Public School

11. Miss Ishita ( Campaign Manager KSCF ), Gunjan Grover ( PROJECT Head KSCF ) and ARSHI ( PD KSCF )


Guest of Honors 

1. Ms. Mohi Jeenwal, MCD Counselor and Member Standing Committee

2. Ms. Bimlesh Kumari, MCD Counselor

3. Mr. Vinay Yadav, SHO, Seemapuri

4. Ms. Ms. Alka Choudhary, Principal, SKV, Nand Nagri

5. Mr. Yogesh Kumar, Director Pratidhi an Initiative of Delhi Police 

6. Mr. Rakesh Thakur, State Manager, Action Aid

7. Ms. Sunita Choudhary, Counselor, Crisis Intervention Centre 

8. Mr. Mohit Sachdeva, Principal - Greenway Modren School


Panel Team :

1. Mr. Vinay Yadav, SHO, Seemapuri

2. Ms. Ms. Alka Choudhary, Principal, SKV, Nand Nagri

3. Mr. Yogesh Kumar, Director Pratidhi an Initiative of Delhi Police

4. Mr. Rakesh Thakur, State Manager, Action Aid

5. Ms. Sunita Choudhary, Counselor, Crisis Intervention Centre

6.Ms. Dolly Joshi,  Kailash Satyarthi Children’s Foundation


The Principal of the school Mr. Mohit Sachdeva said, he is very much delighted to be a part of this public dialogue and it is a privilege for the school to hold such an event.



With a view to give a platform to the students to realize their potential in different domains while promoting fun learning and a creative environment, the online Russian Exchange Programme between St. Petersberg School no.349 and Greenway Modern school was held on 1st & 8th February 2022, the theme of which was DANCES OF INDIA, REPUBLIC DAY CELEBRATIONS & IMPORTANCE OF READING.  It was an amalgamation of culture, patriotism, and creativity which brought out the uniqueness of each student through PPTS & VIDEOS presented by the Greenwanians on the given topic. Students of school no.349 St. Petersberg Russia got an opportunity to interact with each other and they were mystified to know about the various dance forms and the Republic Day Celebrations. 

On 8th February students of school no 349 St. Petersberg, Russia had the opportunity of presenting on the topic Reading. It was quite enlightening and made the students of Greenway Modern School cognizant of the Russian Books and their writers & even the importance of reading. Overall it was a fulfilling experience as the students learned that in spite of socio-cultural, religious linguistic, and geographical diversities we have to coexist with each other and participate in the elements of national integration. 

The program was attended by Mr. Manglam Dubey, DIRECTOR INRUCS, teachers of St. Petersberg School Ms. Natalia Matveeva, Ms, Elena Ivanova, Ms. Tatiana Kiyanetdinova, and Ms.Natalia Nikolaeva. The School Principal Mr. Mohit Sachdeva appreciated the efforts of the teachers and students. The teachers of the school who attended were Ms. Sana Khan, Ms. Meenakshi Moon Waqar, Ms. Shruti Burman, Ms. Anita Abraham &  Ms. Jaishree Shreedharan.



The Management, Principal, Staff & Students of Greenway Modern School  paid sincere tribute to the legendary singer, the diva, the Bharat Ratna....Lata Mangeshkar ji , An artist born once in centuries





A free vaccination camp was organized at Greenway Modern school in collaboration with NGO SRI MARUT NANDAN SEWA SANSTHA on 5th February for children aged between 15 to 18 yes and for third dose (Booster) to drive against the Pandemic.  Near about 100 students and 25 people availed this opportunity. Prize distribution was also organized by the NGO founder Ms. Rachna Sachdeva to the doctors and to the people who were part & parcel of the NGO & the campaign. The certificates were given by Senior Coordinator Ms. Anuja  Jaitely, Primary Coordinator Ms. Reinu Gupta and the Activity Coordinator Ms. Jaishree Shreedharan who had coordinated the entire program.    The Principal of the School Mr. Mohit Sachdeva congratulated and appreciated the efforts of the STAFF in making this campaign a big success.


On the occasion of Vasant Panchami, Greenway Modern School installed the Idol of Saraswati at the school Reception and did pooja. It was a Pious Moment as Saraswati is considered to be the knowledge of God.





Greenway Modern School celebrated India's 73rd republic Day virtually wherein the unfurling of the national flag was done by the principal of the school, Mr. Mohit Sachdeva and he also offered his warm wishes to all the parents, students and staff.

On this glorious occasion, the students presented different performances like dance, poetry, patriotic song etc. and honored the spirit of One Nation, One Vision, One Identity that lives in the hearts of Indians. The students of primary wing presented a beautiful role-play enactment of the great revolutionaries of Indian from Prithvi Raj Chauhan to Dr Ambedkar. The students also projected a display of various achievements of India in the last 73 years that has made everyone proud of being an Indian. The patriotism in children could be seen by their energy while performing. The virtual function went very well and was highly praised 



Pristine process of development had brought man from woods to settlements. As the years rolled by, we got acquainted with the concept of sustainable development. Inspirationally, Greenwanians had taken the prudent gesture to enlighten and embolden it's students for sustainable development through the project. Science teachers beautifully inculcated the same among the students   The school has initiated an earnest gesture through we formulate organizing  principles which helps to sustain the limited resources essential to provide for the needs of our future generation.   School has always been a frontline warrior in the Global fight against all environmental related issues.  For further strengthening the process, we came up with more Sustainable Development Goals  ( SDG) programmes along with the existing ones .with this initiative, we were sure  to create a little difference for our Mother Earth and will make it a better place to live.   Also, we were able to sensitize our immediate community and created social awareness  for the same through our SDG warriors.   School successfully completed 3 projects under Ms Deepa Bhardwaj for classes I-IX.  The projects were:

1. Lead the Scene & Keep it Green for classes IV-IX

2. Never Refuse to Reuse for classes I-V

3. A Peek at Packaging for classes VI-IX

All the projects were inter-class. Winners were selected & were awarded with E-certificates. The Principal of the school congratulated all the winners & the teacher In-charge.


BAL BHAWAN PUBLIC SCHOOL, MAYUR VIHAR had organized ATL FEST INTELOVATION, Greenwanians participated in the event with great enthusiasm & zeal. Ekansh Panwar & Vishard kumar(VB) got third position in the Event 1 Sticktonix wherein they had the model on availability of water on Earth. The Principal of the school congratulated the students ATL IN-CHARGE & the mentor Shruti Burman


On 25th December , students of Nursery, Primary, Middle & Senior
Wing organized a virtual Christmas and New Year celebration. The event
was conducted online wherein they witnessed wonderful presentations
depicting the importance of Christmas, Nativity of Jesus and some
lively dances. The students of Class 10th gave their New Year
resolutions. A Surprise event was the song by the Teachers GOOD THINGS
TAKE TIME. The Principal of the school, Mr. Mohit Sachdeva appreciated