Workshops 2024- 2025

Greenway Modern School conducted a  CBP workshop by CBSE for Middle & Senior Wing teachers on 28th June 2024. The Resource Person from CBSE was Ms. Deepti Sharma who spoke on the significance and need of integrating Art into the Scholastic and Co-Scholastic field for the holistic development of a child. The workshop explored practical ways art can enhance learning across various disciplines.    Ms. Deepti Sharma extensively discussed the implementation of Art Integration, emphasizing its role in enriching the learning experience and promoting student creativity. The following points were highlighted:

Techniques and methodologies were shared on how art can be seamlessly integrated into subjects such as Mathematics, Science, and Languages, and  The workshop underscored the positive impact of Art Integration on student engagement, retention of information, and overall academic performance.

Various factors influencing successful Art Integration, including curriculum alignment, teacher training, and resource availability, were discussed  The workshop featured a series of interactive activities designed to demonstrate the practical application of Art Integration. Participants engaged in hands-on exercises and collaborative projects to understand the implementation process better.

Overall, the CBP workshop on Art Integration conducted by Ms. Deepti Sharma was deemed innovative and fruitful by participants. It provided valuable insights into leveraging art as a pedagogical tool across different subjects, encouraging educators to adopt creative approaches. Participants were encouraged to incorporate the learned strategies into their teaching practices and to further explore Art Integration as a means to foster holistic learning experiences for students.

This workshop not only enriched participants' understanding of Art Integration but also inspired them to explore new avenues in educational practices.  Click here to view more photographs 



Greenway Modern School Hosts Inspiring NSD Workshop Culmination Program

On June 22nd, Greenway Modern School proudly hosted the culmination program of a highly engaging workshop conducted by the National School of Drama (NSD). This event marked the conclusion of an enriching series of sessions aimed at nurturing the artistic talents of students from both Greenway Modern School and various other schools across Delhi.

The program presented an array of captivating skits performed by the participating students. These skits vividly depicted the day-to-day issues and had a great moral understanding for viewers. The young actors showcased their impressive acting skills, leaving the audience deeply moved by their performances.   Adding a unique cultural touch to the event, the students also performed a mesmerizing bird dance. The dance not only entertained but also conveyed a powerful message about the importance of preserving our environment and protecting wildlife.  An instrumental performance followed, featuring a variety of musical pieces that resonated with the theme of nature and freedom. The students demonstrated their musical prowess, playing instruments with precision and passion. The harmonious melodies created an atmosphere of tranquility and reflection, further enhancing the overall impact of the event.   The culmination program concluded with a heartfelt ceremony where all participating students were awarded certificates of appreciation. These certificates recognized their hard work, dedication, and the remarkable skills they had developed during the NSD workshop. The event was a testament to the collaborative efforts of the students and the guidance of their mentors from the National School of Drama.

Parents, teachers, and guests in attendance applauded the students for their exceptional performances and the valuable lessons conveyed through their art. The workshop and its culmination program not only provided a platform for artistic expression but also fostered a sense of community among students from different schools.

Greenway Modern School extends its gratitude to the National School of Drama for conducting this workshop and to all the participants for making the event a memorable and inspiring experience. This program has undoubtedly left a lasting impression on everyone involved, reinforcing the importance of arts in education and the power of collaborative learning.  Click here to view more photographs




An online session on the 'Impact of sleep on Athlete's performance and fitness' was organized by NADA ( National anti-doping agency) in collaboration with NCERT.

The session offered a valuable chance for Physical Education Teachers to improve their knowledge about the impact of sleep on athlete's performance and fitness. Additionally, It also focused on the harmful effect of doping on the sleep cycle.

Speakers also shared a few interview lines of the International Athlete on the Importance of SLEEP.

Bolt said, “Sleep is extremely important to me — I need to rest and recover for the training I do to be absorbed by my body.” Bolt sleeps for 8 to 10 hours per night and he is not alone. Roger Federer gets 11 to 12 hours of sleep per night. Lebron James gets 12 hours of sleep per night.

Overall the session was very fruitful and everyone present in the session understood the importance of sleep for performance in any arena of life.


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