Trips 2018-2019

OPEN DAY AT NPL - CSIR - 28.09.2018

28th September saw an open day of the CSIR-NPL National Physical Laboratory. NPL is a mandatory organization setup in every country so as to maintain a record of level of advancement of equipments, mainly scales. CSIR in collaboration with NPL had called on for an open day and invited the creamy layer of many schools along with teachers. The students and the teachers were guided by one of the staff members. They started of with the lignification plant. Over there nitrogen and helium gases were liquipedunine at high pressures and low temperatures. They were also told about various researches, absolute zero and many other things. They were fornicate when they allowed them to dip leaves and inflated balloons in liquid nitrogen. As soon as leaves were dipped and taken out they broke to pieces. No soon the balloon was dipped to gaseous components liquefied.

After that they were taken to water department. They first showed them water meter and described their features. Then an explanation on a vast underground water tank which could hold 6,00,000L water at the same time could test 6 meters simultaneously using overhead tanks. They were of 25mm, 100mm, 200mm, 50mm, 1000mm in diameters.

In the last they were taken to solar plant where they described about various things at star energy connection solar planers, their efficiency.

At last but not the least, they were taken to the organic section where they showed them carbon micro-stumolar fiber which is lighter and 100 times stronger than steel

It was a great experience for the students and the teachers of Greenway. The Students were accompanied by Mrs. Yogyata Mathur (PGT-Biology) and Mr. Puneet (PGT-Chemistry)

As a part of the student exchange programme, ten students went to play Chess on the ‘World Chess Day’, to the Russian Cultural Center. They got to meet Mr. Tiwari (First coach of famous chess player, Vishwanathan Anand). The students got a chance to brush their chess tactics with a few budding chess players there.   Overall it was an enriching experience for the Greenwanians as they got to learn some new tricks of the mind – boggling game.

As a part of the Exchange Programme some of the students of Class VII & VIII got the privilege to go to the Russian Cultural Centre where they were made to understand about the Russian lifestyle and culture. It was the 75th anniversary of ‘KURSK WAR’, the management of the centre had organized an exhibition having a photo gallery, dedicated to the Russian Soldiers. The chief guest on the occasion was Maj. Dalbeer Singh, the retired Indian Army Personnel who not only inaugurated the exhibition, but also inspired the students with his real life experience of wars. The personnel was also associated with many other organizations. He motivated the students to join Indian Army. It was a great learning experience for the students that made them learn about the history of the wars in which Russia had participated and showed the valour to other countries of the world.  The students felt privileged to be a part of the visit. 

The students of commerce stream of Class XII went to SEBI to attend a session at their Delhi office. SEBI is a stock market regulating body which monitors how trading must be done and keeps a check on inside trading and the mal practices prevailing in the stock market in investment world.It was a financial education program where in the students learnt financial education.The session was   educative with the lot of insights about various financial and markets investment topics.  It concluded with a question and answer session where children could directly speak to SEBI officers and clarify their doubts . It was indeed a special visit for all the students. The students were given participation certificates this visit was initiated by their business studies teacher Ms. Riddima. The Principal of the school Mr. Mohit  Sachdeva emphasized that such educational visits should be undertaken to understand the stock market. 

On 9th May, the selected students of classes VIII,IX and X, accompanied by their teachers, went on an exchange visit to the Korean cultural centre. The day was abuzz with excitement among the students as they got to learn about the life style of Koreans including their festivals, attires, cuisine and culture. It was fun to learn a few words of acknowledgment in Korean language too. It was a great opportunity for the students and they enjoyed the experience thoroughly.

The students of class XII went to The Kingdom of Dreams, Gurgaon, as a part of their annual picnic. They enjoyed a lot as it was a day when they could forget about their students and got a much deserved outing with their classmates and favorite teachers. The endless selfie sessions and dancing on dhol beats added on to the fun part. The enriching viewing of the theater show Zangoora – the gypsy prince.

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