Workshops 2019-20


The third edition of Pariksha Par Charcha was held on 20.01.2020 in which honorable Prime Minister of our country  interacted with the students on examination related stress. Greenwanians were shown the live telecast. The students not only enjoyed the session but they were confident of giving the examination after seeing the interaction. They were happy to note that other students from all over India had the similar questions which they had in their mind. They felt that these kind of session and that too by our Prime Minister always boosted up the moral of the students. A informative and interactive session.



A workshop on Artificial Intelligence (AI) was conducted recently, wherein more than 160+ students participated from Class 7th and 8th. The workshop was taken by industry level expert Ms. Gauri Bhatnagar, who has delivered workshops on AI in more than 100+ schools.

Artificial Intelligence is the next generation technology that is being adopted in almost every sector. The workshop began with Introduction to AI, and was followed by practical demonstrations of Face Detection, Face Recognition, Virtual Boards. The workshop covered all the important aspects like Partnership in AI, Advantages & Disadvantages of AI, Machine Ethics, Future Developments in AI etc.


Interaction of Hon’ble Chief Minister of Delhi with students on Sexual Violence against Women.

The students of Greenway Modern School were shown live Interaction of Hon’ble Chief Minister of Delhi with students on Sexual Violence against Women. He advised the girls  to safe guard themselves from any kind of sexual violence. The students are many relevant questions and they were able to understand how to handle the situation in case of any kind sexual violence. At last the boys took the oath to safe guard the girls in any situation and he advised the girls to take the oath from the male members of their family.


On 12th December 2019, near about 75 students of Bio stream along with Bio faculty Ms Yogyata Mathur and Ms VidyaDhari visited ICGEB Lab. This trip was a wonderful experience with full of knowledge of various aspects related to Biotechnology like PCR , agitators Centrifuge, Autoclave application as well Biotechnology for GMO crops and Transgenic animals. It was very exciting for students to understand DNA isolation and mutation. It really helped them to understand the basic and knowledge which they gained was beyond the imagination of the students. The students took a lot of interest in the field of research. The main purpose of the visit was to promote and enhance students understanding of Biotechnology and its applications, and to foster a spirit of scientific enquiry and creativity among young minds. It  was a trip full of knowledge and the students were very happy and were thankful to the school Principal for organizing such a wonderful educational trip.


Career counselling is an essential factor for identifying the real potential and guiding students towards a right career path. Students need to know the importance of career coaching and right guidance before they are going to choose an academic stream after taking the board exams. Career counselling will be helpful choosing a career goal, planning and give a direction to students for a better future ahead.

So for its students of class X and XII, this effort was taken by Greenway Modern School Dilshad Garden by holding a career counselling session on 4 and 5 December 2019 to guide their career options as per their interest and stream of academics. The session was taken by a renowned counsellor who told the students to figure out first about their aptitude and interests, strengths and weaknesses of a particular interest making choice of stream for education after class X and XII. The counsellor told the students about many career options available in market as per their academic choice and as per their interest and also suggested some alternate career options to the students if sthey decide to change their stream in future. Students learnt about various competitive exams and professional courses that will help them in their career building.

At the end, the keen students put up their queries that were remedially answered by the counsellor. It was really an educative and informative session for all. Click here for more photographs


A three day training workshop on Artificial Intelligence was organized by CBSE in association with IBM from 3rd October 2019 to 5th October 2019 at Gurukul – The School, Ghaziabad. This training was given to IT Teachers on the upcoming subject “Artificial Intelligence”. Practical training was given by Mr. Soumil.  He has shown various Watson  Concepts of IBM.

Various queries related to vocational subjects were addressed by him. It was an innovative session where the teachers were able to understand the importance of Artificial Intelligence in this Modern Tech World.


On 3rd October, A Cello Workshop was conducted  by cello company in which the students were made aware about the benefits of good handwriting. He described different types of pens & their usage according to the shape of our nails. He also explained about how to hold a pen for good handwriting & for the comfort of our hands. He demonstrated a few Yoga Asanas for hands relaxations. He conducted a short quiz for the students on the basis of the instructions he gave in the workshop.

Students & Teachers enjoyed the workshop thoroughly & they learnt different types of information about good handwriting.


The Union Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) in association with IIT Bombay, had organized the Global Students Solar  assembly workshop on 2nd October 2019, to commemorate 150th Birth Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi as well as to promote the Gandhian idea of Sustainable living.

The objective of the workshop was to sensitize young minds about energy sustainability and environmental care.

The long day event was scheduled at Indira Gandhi stadium complex. 50 students of Greenway Modern School, Dilshad Garden, got an opportunity to be a part of this initiative. They were accompanied by two teachers, Mrs. Jyoti Sharma and Mrs. Charu Khosla.

Over 10,000 students attempted world record by lightning the largest number of solar lamps together at the event.

Two Guinness world records were attempted during this workshop. Sustainability lessons to the largest number of at a single place and the largest number of solar lamps lit together.

Shri  Prakash Javedkar ,minister of environment, forest and climate change had addressed the event.

It was really a proud moment for the school to share the event with great dignitaries. An oath was taken to utilize the power of solar energy so as to keep our environment safe and to be inherited by future generations to come. Click  here to view more photographs.


A Unique Opportunity – IBM Internship

It was a privilege for the three students (Chitwan XI-B, Udit XI-C, Arnav XI –E) OF Greenway Modern School to get an opportunity to attend the internship programme of IBM at Bangalore. A total number of 36 students all over India from 16 schools were selected for this training programme. They went through many workshops regarding Quantum Computing, Data Analytics, Could computing, Data security and software development. They were then provided with a challenge to develop a service which can identify cities from space and developing a chat bot for enhancing the pizza ordering service. They went through the corporate world like how ti worked. At the last day, they presented their services in front of the delegates including HR of IBM and Director of AIM. Principal of the school appreciated the efforts of the students, teacher and teacher incharge Mrs. Yogyata Mathur and ATL Lab Mentor, Mr. Akshay under whose guidance these students reached such great heights.Click here to view more photographs.


A two day orientation programme on “Conduction of Youth Parliament in school” was organized by the Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs at the constitution club of India on 1st and 2nd August 2019.

Greenway Modern School, Dilshad garden got an opportunity as a new entrant for this interschool competition to be held in the month of November 2019. The Teacher Incharge Ms. Mamta and Ms. Kiran Sharma attended the programme.

The orientation showcased the proceedings of a Parliament session detailing every item of the business of the house like the commencement, role of speaker, question hour, calling attention motion, introduction of bill, law making and passing of it, role of both treasury and the opposition bench, zero hour etc. it was quite a fruitful session which gave a clear picture of the working of the Lok Sabha. The programme ended with the thanks giving and certification of participation by Joint Secretary Dr. Satya Prakash. Greenway Modern School will conduct it on 11th November 2019. The jury panel will include an MP or Ex-Mp, member from MPA and an officer from the Directorate of Education and also some eminent guests will be invited. Click here for more photographs.

Road Safety Workshop by Traffic Police

A Road Safety workshop was conducted by the Delhi Traffic Police to aware the students about the rules that they have to follow while crossing the roads.  They gave a message through this to the parents that they should guide about the safety and security of their ward while driving. Click here to view more photographs.


On 29 August 2019, the entire India witnessed the launch of a historical act launched by the Prime Minister Mr  Narendra  Modi to administer fitness pledge. The movement aimed to encourage people to inculcate physical activity and sports in their everyday lives. The movement was launched at 10am at Indira Gandhi Stadium Complex in New Delhi. At the event, the Prime Minister addressed the people Nation Wide  to embolden them to keep themselves fit.

To witness this great start, in Greenway Modern School, Dilshad Garden students were made to see the live telecast of the launch wherein  students understood the importance of Physical Fitness, Sports, Hygiene, Good Health, etc.  and took the Fitness Pledge. Click here to view more photographs.


A workshop was conducted on happy classroom on 30th August by MS. YOGYATA MATHUR Senior Academic Incharge for entire staff. Main focus of this workshop was to make everyone understand that only happy teacher can create happy classroom and happy healthy learning. To enjoy, good health, to bring true happiness to one’s family, to bring peace to all, one must first discipline and control one’s own mind. Every day we have plenty of opportunities to get angry, stressed and offended. Our success and happiness lies in ourselves. Resolve to keep happy. Happiness is a choice. We can choose to be happy irrespective of lots of stress in our life. One should understand fishes cannot climb on tree and monkeys cannot swim but that does not mean that they cannot be successful in life. Similarly, Every student is not well behaved with good aptitude but one thing is true, they all are nature’s creation and must have something good in them. A good teacher tries to find out good quality in students, to motivate them with their strength as it is easy to react on one’s weakness. To remain happy, it is important to understand overselves and others Respect all and give them space to grow. Use innovative way to teach subject as per student’s need, keep giving them surprises and spread happiness all over. That was the main focus of this workshop. Several issues were discussed with all teachers to find out various way to Create Happy Classroom



A workshop on happy classroom was attended by Mrs. Yogyata Mathur Sr. Academic Incharge, Greenway Modern School at ITL, sec-9,Dwarka where in main focus was to understand need for Happy Classroom and how Teachers can function like Mentor for healthy happy society . Several stages were discussed to develop skill associated with personal competence. 

Self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, Relationship management, Self-motivation. All these help us to develop Happy Classroom. These days students are living in virtual world having virtual friends, Toys activity. Smart phones, gadgets have taken their smile far away from them. Parents are busy in their own professional life and no one is realizing this fact that happiness can come through family first with happy relationship among children and their parents and same is true in school. As a teacher we should not be judgmental for our student behavior and looks. We should rather accept them what they are; give them space to express, to grow. Be a good listener. Try to find out psychological reasons for their behavior, engage them in some joyful activities as per their interest at least once a week we need to help our students to manage impulsive feelings, distressing emotions well. 

They should aware of their strength and weaknesses. We give them challenging goals and task and let them learn ways of improving their performances. Finally this workshop emphasis on one fact. 


A  three day training workshop on Artificial Intelligence was organized by CBSE in association with Intel from 23rd July 2019 to 25Th July , 2019 , at Shikha Sadan Rose Avenue Delhi.

The whole program was divided into multiple sessions and every day few sessions were carried out along with the respective activity.

 Day 1:

Unit one was taken up. The objective of the unit was to develop a readiness for understanding and appreciating Artificial Intelligence and its applications in our daily lives.

 Different modules undertaken  were:

   MODULE                     ACTIVITY

·         Excite                          Kahoot Quiz, Letter to ones Future

·         Relate                          Story Speaker)

·         Purpose                       Sustainable Development (Theme based research and Case Studies

·         Possibilities                 Theme based research and Case Studies (Job Advertisement Poster making)

·         AI Ethics                      Balloon Debate (For and against AI )

Day 2:

Unit II                           The objective of this unit was to describe the stages in the AI process

   STAGE                         ACTIVITY

·         Problem Scoping         4WS Problem Canvas

·         Data Acquisition          Acquiring data from reliable sources, System Map

·         Data Exploration         Sketchy Graphs

·         Modelling                     Decision Trees, Pixel  It

         Day 3:

Unit III                       The objective of the unit was to introduce the concept of a neural network and form a human neural network to gain an intuitive understanding of its working.

 The session concluded with the address of Mr. R.P. Singh , Joint Secretary CBSE.

Various queries related to vocational subjects were addressed by him. It was an innovative session where the teachers were able to understand the importance of Artificial Intelligence in this modern tech world. It was attended by Ms. Poonam Makhija, PGT Computer Science. Click here to view more photographs.



Greenway Modern School  celebrated ATL TINKERFEST on 7, 8 August 2019. Mr. R.P.Singh CBSE Joint Secretary Department of skill education was invited as chief guest on 7th August & Mr Dibyojyoti of Stemrobo on 8th August 2019.

Today in this age of information Technology, ATL Labs spur the spark of creativity beyond regular curriculum. The stem robotics education helps the children to explore skills of future such as designing computational thinking adaptive learning and Internet of things, artificial intelligence empowering the young mind. Keeping all these motive in mind ATL Tinkerfest was conducted for 2 days , comprised of workshop on internet to make them realize importance of technology to operate household electronic & electrical equipment while seating anywhere even away from house and Tinkerathon was the aim to foster curiosity, imagination and  business skill in young mind, so students from different community school were invited and provided it virtual money to design & implement ideas in Technology to present some model & judgment was done on the basis of idea, economic efficiency & presentation. Lovely Public School Priyadarshini Vihar was the winner of Tinkerathen. Principal Mr. Mohit Sachdeva encouraged the gathering to faster an environment of innovation and creativity by exposing the children of society and community to the latest innovation in the laboratory. The event concluded with prize distribution to winning team and participating team by Mr Dibyojyoti  and Ms. Yogyata Mathur, ATL In-charge of the school. Students also exhibited this project to students & teachers of other school as well as guest. All the participants specially the students were highly motivated. Click here to view more photographs.


On 25 April 2019, a workshop on road safety rules awareness was organized in Greenway Modern School, Dilshad Garden which was conducted by SI Sachin and ASI Ramvir. Around 280 students and 16 teachers attended the workshop that made them understand the value of traffic rules and road safety. In the workshop, the students were briefed about the various traffic rules that ought to be followed in order to maintain safety on roads. The students were told how they must follow rules while cycling or driving. The students also tried to interact with the experts by raising their queries and sorting them.

The workshop was a huge success as it helped spread awareness and create traffic ambassadors who shall further spread the message of obeying traffic rules and ensuring road safety. The workshop also awakened a sense of citizenship among the students.  Click here to view more photographs.



On 23 April, 2019, Greenway Modern School, Dilshad Garden celebrated ATL Community Day wherein the students and teachers of contiguous schools along with the students of two fabled NGO’s i.e. CRY and Nanhe Pakshi actively participated. They were welcomed by the School Principal Mr Mohit Sachdeva and they were made to know about the fundamental concepts and given an introduction to ATL.

The students were involved in activities like Broadband, Heel, RGB, 3D Printing and the students interestingly made models using Pop sticks. They used their mind skill to invent new things. An Exhibition was also set up wherein the students of the host school delineated sundry models of Drone, Robotic Arm, Bridge, Snake Game, Tesla Coil & Pressing Machine. The teachers and students of the guest schools evinced their desirous interest in knowing about the ATL and the related activities. All the students were felicitated with the participation and appreciation certificates. The Principal Mr Mohit Sachdeva, appreciated the efforts of the ATL Incharge, Ms Yogyata Mathur and the mentor Mr Akshay. The event was very grand and informative which provided the budding inventors a platform to explore and showcase their innovations.

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