Workshops 2021- 22


As we all know about SDG that *it is a blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all.*   The SDGs provide worldwide guidance for addressing the global challenges facing the international community. It is about better protecting the natural foundations of life and our planet everywhere and for everyone, and preserving people's opportunities to live in dignity and prosperity across generations.   An 'Awareness session was held on 19th July 2022  * in school premises.  The main agenda of this session was to create consciousness of sustainability among Class IV workers to give their contributions towards SDG. Main highlights of the session were SDG goals, focus on 5 Ps, Importance of SDG and Our contributions.    It was a great accomplishment and a well interacted session.



A  Workshop  was organized in Greenway Modern School for teachers with regard to New Education Policy  on 2nd July 2022 which was taken by Ms Mamta. The presentation emphasized on the core areas of NEP i.e. purpose, policy vision, teachers' role as front-liners etc. The main focus was on how to make the implementation possible.  The workshop was fruitful which gave a deep insight about the New Education Policy.




The times of India in association with CLAT Possible had organized workshops for the students who want to opt for LAW as their career.  A students’ webinar was conducted by Times NIE and Clat-Possible on 23rd April, for the students seeking CLAT and pursuing law as a career. 
After an introductory address by Ms. Prerna Chaddha, Mr. Prakash Vir, and Ms. Malini Menon; the webinar was headed on by Dr. Surabhi Modi Suhai— CEO of Clat-Possible, Ms. Charmaine Ann Lazarus— a Nari Shakti Award winner, and Mr. Abhishek Thakur— an international mooter. 
Each of the speakers were diligent and well-read in this field, and they discussed the points with the students in their full earnestness itself. Their speeches were embellished with real life anecdotes and Power Point Presentations. 
Dr. Sahai gave us an overview of this examination. We were told of the examination patterns and top educational institutions for law. Mr. Thakur gave us an idea to the further career options and scope in law. Ms. Lazarus, who practiced law, gave us a detailed insight to her early years of education and career in law. 
Students could also interact with the speakers through the Q/A - section, where they could get their doubts answered. Contact details and details to Clat-Possible’s demo classes were also shared with the students. 
Overall, it was an informative session eloquent with apt instructors. 



This year’s Pariksha Pe Charcha 2021 was the 4th edition of PPC and was held Virtually on 7th April at 7 pm.  Pariksha Pe Charcha is part of the larger movement - ‘Exam Warriors’ - led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, to create a stress-free atmosphere for youngsters. The Prime Minister urged everyone to put exams in the right perspective, rather than making it a life-and-death situation punctuated by undue stress and pressure. Students and parents along with teachers interacted with PM virtually wherein he explained how to manage time during exams, how to become stress-free, and how to deal with life. He also managed to explain to everyone that exams are just to check the knowledge of students, not to judge their capabilities.   Students learned about the real idea of conducting examinations besides the fact that examinations are not conducted to judge someone. They also got to know that how one should be when the examinations are going on. They learned about stress-free lifestyle even during exam time  The Greenwanians are really thankful to PM for taking the initiative of such a session.



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