Trips 2019-2020



Temples are inevitable part of Indian culture and tradition. Visiting temples not only calms our minds but also gives  us a new perspective.

Greenway Modern School organized a visit to ISKCON Temple for Classes I to VIII. The students were accompanied by their teachers. They reached the temple in early morning and spent the entire day in the serene environs of the temple.  They were first taken into the area where idols are worshipped. They were told about Lord Krishna’s teachings in Bhagwad Gita. They were encouraged to sing and dance on the chants of ‘Hare Rama Hare Krishna’  followed by ‘Gallery Walk’, where pictures from various ISKCON Temples and Lord Krishna’s life are displayed.  Then they learnt about glorious Hindu Mythology through Light and Sound show which was organized in the Temple Auditorium. Delicious Prasad was also served which was  relished by the young devotees. All the students were gifted  Bhagwad Gita at the end. The visit was an apt example  of learning beyond the classrooms. Click here to view more photographs.





As the name only tells that  this place is land of dreams and so it is !!

The students of  Classes X & XII went to Kingdom of Dreams for their picnic.

Students and teachers were enthusiastically welcomed with  dhols and nagadas. Then they stepped into the world  of dreams  and were mesmerized by the façade.  They entered the Cultural Gully. Amalgams  of different cultures and states .

There they enjoyed a lot and had delicious food which was like cherry on the top of the cake.  We all know that  the best things are kept for the last and that best thing was Zangoora a theatre show, which  had captivated  children. Everyone was inspired and fascinated by the mind-blowing acting skills of the artists. Not only the  protagonists, but each and every character was a special factor.

All this was so good that  the children were not willing to say goodbye  but alas were forced to do so. Click here to view more photographs.


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