In these tough times, it is imperative to provide new and innovative opportunities to keep the thrill and throb alive in the students and keep them engaged in productive learning. Thus the English Club of Greenway provided such an ingenious and expressive activity to the language learners brushing up their inventive skills and artistic flair.

Students were shown trigger videos on the topic EXTENDING A HELPING HAND along with a short-class-discussion by their English teachers. In turn, students were encouraged to prepare their videos in any creative way they wished in order to bring out their knack of creativity and to instill a feeling of helpfulness 

Students came up with brilliant ideas, extremely innovative, and interesting. Total 78 videos were submitted and they were further shared on YouTube channel of the club

A handful of thought-provoking videos were shared on the school website as well.ln, all it proved to be quite novel and challenging activity.

The second activity taken up simultaneously in the month of July was newsroom debate. Students were divided into small groups of 6 each and a variety of interesting topics were given for debating and the students were supposed to choose any of the topics or were even allowed to come forth with there own relevant topics. The activity was conducted live during online classes giving 10 minutes to each group to present their views the activity came out more successful than anticipated. The preparation done by the students, the ideas presented their confidence and enthusiasm were all commendable. This activity helped to break the monotony of Classroom teaching and also encouraged student's to present their view's before the whole class in a very confident manner


English Club Activity

English Club Organised various activities  to enhance the speaking skills, and to inculcate confidence in the students of Primary, Middle and Senior. Various activities like Debates, Plays, Extempore etc were held. The students actively participated in these, and showed lot of enthusiasm. These activities were done under the leadership of PGT English & English Club Incharge - Ms. Deepa Patole.

For the love of language and its promotion

The English Club of the school has been providing pupils for nurturing and inculcating the love for the language among the young learners. The English Club observed English fortnight which comprised of myriad activities including corridor decorations, bulletin board decoration, English Group Song Competition, Role Play and Mime Presentation, Extempore and English Quiz. Certain intra class activities and competitions were also a part of this fun and frolic generating week.

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