Classes - IV - Designing Posters and Slogans on Peace













The poster making activity on peace under the project PEACE: VYING FOR A BETTER ABODE FOR HUMANITY a part of  ISA activity was conducted in the month of august and September for class IV and V. The activity aims to create cognizance, about the devastating impact of war on human beings and thus the significance of global peace.

Activity was divided in different parts. First the general discussion was done about the importance of peace in our life for sound development and how to create beautiful posters on this topic. Then each class was divided into groups.

Students were supposed to collect information about the importance of global peace. Each group actively participated in the activity and created beautiful posters. As well as crafted slogans in Hindi.   

This activity not only enhanced their creativity level but also helped them to understand the need of peace for the growth of mankind.

Activity on poster making  

Activity on poster making  

Activity on poster making  

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