ATL Activities


Greenway Modern School in collaboration with Stemrobo organized ATL community day. The main aim of celebrating Atl community day is to extend the frontiers of learning knowledge beyond school. It was open for the neighboring schools. Many teachers, students from ATL & non - ATL schools had joined the webinar. Students & other members of CRY (NGO) had also actively participated in the webinar. The webinar had started with the explanation of two very innovative projects made by the students of Greenway Modern School, Nupur Bubna (X-A) and Divyansh Mutreja (X-B). The final agenda of the workshop was 3D printers, the application of 3D printers & their benefits.
Mr.  Shubham& Mr. Rushil Soni from the Stemrobo team had explained about an E3DIFY with a presentation in which they showed the working of 3D printer practically. They explained to the students how to design an object that is supposed to be printed by a 3D printer. The session was very smooth & successful as the team clarified the doubts as well.



On 14th April 2021, the students of Greenway Modern School got an opportunity to attend “ATL COMMUNITY DAY” live on Youtube. It was conducted by Mr. R Ramanan (Mission Director, IBM), along with other guest speakers, Mr. Abhay Jere (Chief Innovation Officer- Ministry of HRD), Dr. Anil Sahasrabudhe (chairman of AICTE), Mr. Bipin Mohandas (Design Specialist, NEXT School), Mr. Raunak Yogeshwar (Innovation Lead for ATL at IBM, NITI Aayog) and Ms. Deepali Upadhyay. 
In the beginning, Mr. Ramanan, along with Mr. Abhay Jere and Dr. Anil Sahasrabudhe, presented his inspirational thoughts of using innovation to create the next generation full of new and creative ideas.
After the introduction, Mr. Ramanan had a fireside chat with ATL students and their parents. They told about the benefits of ATL and encouraged the viewers to join it. 
Then, there was a Paper Prototyping Session in which Mr. Bipin Mohandas gave a brief introduction of Prototyping and told about the need for Prototyping. To explain Prototyping in a better way, he practically showed how to prototype a simple mobile phone stand using an A4 size paper. During this interesting activity, whatever Mr. Mohandas said was translated to Hindi by Mr. Ronak Jogeshwar.
Overall, the whole session was highly informative, motivating, and interesting.



Hard work makes a huge difference in ensuring the learning and growth of our students and staff ..with this thought even in this pandemic time ATL team members of the school took an initiative to organize an Intra School Competition wherein the students came up with innovative ideas and the best 5 ideas were put in AIM, ATL WALL PAGE and the students' ideas were appreciated by  ATL INNOVATION MISSION DIRECTOR, DR.RAMMANA.



Our school ATL has organized an IDEA COMPETITION in which students submitted their creative & innovative ideas to solve their daily life problems related to different fields like education, health & hygiene, waste management, etc. The school congratulates all participants for their diligent and determined hard work as it gives us immense pleasure to announce that more than 40 ideas have been received,  such enthusiasm and positive response for Idea Competition.

The Ideas were evaluated by a panel of experienced members on the basis of content, novelty, feasibility, Practicability, sustainability & future prospects. All the ideas were appreciated as the thinking of each student was different from that of others. School has decided to put the first two ideas at the fame wall of ATL  of  Niti  Aayog.

 We congratulate all the participants and the winners.


The spread of the novel coronavirus is a monster situation to deal with, but we are still trying to take control of learning and keep up with classes & other activities also. Atal Innovation Mission, an initiative of the National Institution for Transforming India (NITI Aayog), Government Of India, is establishing Atal Tinkering Laboratories (ATLs) in schools across India to keep all innovative brain together. Our school took an initiative with a team of four main members named as Ms. Yogyata Mathur (ATL Incharge), Ms.Jaishree  Shreedharan, Ms. Nancy Gupta & Ms. Shruti Barman to continue ATL activities as a part of e-learning by making Greenway Atl trailblazer club.

In this pandemic, the ATL group is a source of attraction for students as they have always been interested in ATL related activities and with the help of this amazing group Students are able to avail of many opportunities that would not possible without this group ‘ATL TRAILBLAZERS’. This group has provided many opportunities to many students & provided them a platform to showcase their innovative ideas and interact with some great personalities via some amazing webinars like:-

1.The astronomy ‘STARGAZING’ webinar with a great entrepreneur Mr.Aryan Mishra who interacted with hundreds of students and enlightened them with his great knowledge in the field of astronomy.

2. Another space-related webinar ‘KALAMSAT1’in which students interacted with some great innovators of our country consisting of Mr. Rifathshaarook and Dr.SrimathyKesan along with Mr. Ramanathan & Ronakjogeshwar in which they shared their priceless and amazing experiences and hardships while creating world’s smallest and lightest satellite.

3.The ‘AI WEBINAR’ with Mr. Hemkesh Aggarwal who taught students about the amazing coding language [python].

4. An amazing ‘Robotics workshop’ with Rancho Labs to pursue our interest and passion towards robots and Artificial intelligence.

Not only students even teachers are also getting opportunities to attend workshops like Plezmo tech academy provides the opportunity to teachers to learn how to develop their own app so that teachers can teach the same to their students as well. So by this platform teachers also get a chance to update themselves with today’s era demand softwares& many other new things.


This is pandemic & unlike any time in the past, but we have the ability to continue education even when school buildings are closed with this thought our school is continuously taking part in webinar series for students growth & development according to era demand. Yesterday many students joined an intriguing session on Space exploration which was part of ATL conducted by Niti Aayog and the Space Kidz organization along with very special speakers, Mr.Ramanathan, Dr.Srimathy Kesan [CEO, Space Kidz] and Mr.Rifath Shaarook [CTO, Space Kidz] & Mr. Ronak Jogeshwar In the session. They motivated the students towards the making of satellites and shared their amazing and wonderful experience while creating the world’s SMALLEST satellite – KalamSAT1. They also discussed about the difficulties they faced while creating this amazing innovation. In this session, there were hundreds of students from all over the globe. Dr.Kesan and Mr.Rifath shared their inspiring stories of astronomy becoming their passion from just a hobby. They also talked about how students can enroll themselves in several competitions like the ‘young scientist competition’ and students can join this amazing organization. The session ended with answering the queries and different kinds of questions asked by many students & with a really inspiring note that ‘ Curiosity is the essence of our existence ‘. Our school students also shared their feedback as follows : 

It was really a wonderful experience. We learned a lot about the KALAMSAT satellite, which is one of the most desirable satellite. 

Nupur Bubana (IX) 

It was an amazing experience in getting information about their wonderful experiences while creating the lightest satellite and info about the spacekidz organization.

Anshika Yadav (X) 

I think that it was a very good session as we got to know about the KALAMSAT satellite and the efforts made by the Scientists to make this happen.  - Mehak lal (VII)

It was a really informative  Webinar and I enjoyed it a lot . - Ishaan (VII) and many more students.


An online innovative session on inclusive innovation through ATL was conducted wherein two teachers Ms. Jaishree Shreedharan and Ms. Shruti Barman partook in. It was a very informative session in which Mr. R Ramanan,  Mission Director, AIM, along with the guest speakers, Dr. Rama Vaidyanathan, RMoC Tamil Nadu, and Mrs. Baghyalakshmi, ATL in- charge, Jaigopal Garodia Govt Girls HSS Choolaimedu, Chennai, motivated the participants on how they can create interest in the students and the parameters to do so. He also emphasized how the labs are being created in remote areas, also in girls' schools. They also talked about the innovative students who are in class 12th to get some benefit from their innovations during the time of their admission and for the same talks are being held with AICTE AND Universities. The session ended with a promising note that if there is a will, there is a way and if we are determined,  we can achieve anything. Parents volunteers can also be included in the league, which was suggested in the session.



The students of Greenway Modern School, Dilshad Garden got a golden opportunity to attend an ATL workshop which was conducted by Lovely Public Senior Secondary School.  It was an amazing workshop performed by three teachers of the field. The first one was Mr. Aditya Aggarwal who introduced the students with how AI  and Python work. The second mentor was Mrs. Amrutha who introduced the students with  how Al works in Health Care and lastly it was Mr.Ashish Ohra who introduced all how python and AI help us financially . They gave the students the knowledge about AI in such a beautiful and easy manner that was worth praising . They even took the students to a beautiful website (Teachable Machine) where they learnt how AI recognises images and video.All the students even got an opportunity to see a code in python for making one's own mask and face detector. The code was really brilliant as the students used open cv first time in python. The students also learnt about various new functions and commands such as : ret, read , cv2 ,cvtcolor and many more. It was really a fabulous ATL workshop and such workshops are a very good opportunity for the students, the budding inventors, to learn how python can be used in daily life.


Students of Greenway Modern School recently participated in a five day seminar conducted by Plezmo, where the students were taught to build a user friendly app. The first day of the seminar basically described the purpose of apps and the basic protocols that are used in the functioning of the app including the API (Application Program Interface). Students were taught to code for an app using the Plezmo environment, which is basically a visual coding platform. The main motto of the seminar was to to teach the students the power of programming  and Data Analytics. The main motto of the seminar was to build an app that will collect data from people and will be used for knowing what people like, which kind of job people are doing etc. Finally, the app was launched on an online platform so that it can be operated from anywhere in the world. This was a great experience for the students as they witnessed a life of a programmer and the importance of programming with hand on experience. Click here for more photographs.


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