Class - I - Fashion Show


Activity: Fashion show on favourite characters based on fairy tales of England, France, Russia, Ireland, Japan and India.

A fashion show was organized by class 1 on fairy tales of the following countries England, France, Russia, Ireland, Japan and India. Wherein the main characters were portrayed by students.

The purpose of the activities was to make them aware that all the countries have interesting fairy tales. They were also able to know that the language, culture, customs varies but as human race we all have same values feelings and ideas  

All the sections of class 1st were allotted different countries. They choose two stories of that country which gives sound moral values; and students depicted the main characters of their stories through a fashion show

On 7/7/2018 Saturday and 10/10/2018 on Tuesday this activity was conducted in the school auditorium. All the sections were assembled and there was a 100% participation of the students .Backdrops were beautifully prepared that enhanced the beauty of the presentation.

School principal was invited as a guest who praised the noteworthy efforts made by the teachers and the tiny tots. Every student was dressed up according to the character of the fairy tales allotted to them they all walked confidently on ramp and were feeling exulted

Dialogues were given to narrators who narrated the story confidently with proper voice modulation, correct pronunciation, gesture was taken care and also discuss the moral in the end. Every student was on top of the world while giving their performances. Team spirit was developed amongst the students and they enjoyed every minute and moment of the activity

At the end Principal Sir motivated the students and appreciated the hard work of the teachers and the performance of the students.

Teachers involved in activity were all the mother teacher of standard 1st:

Ms. Kalpana Dagar

Ms. Tanu Negi

Ms. Jyoti Sharma

Ms.Chandni Nagi

Ms.Tannu Sacheva

Presentation of Fashion Show

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