Class - VII - Comic Books



Class VII was engaged in making comics based on Science fiction. Students made spellbinding fictional characters with their imaginations and wrote stories in the form of dialogues and gave beautiful expressions.

Different sections of class VII organized and participated in this activity enthusiastically. This activity was a beautiful amalgam of science and literature. Students from each section were divided in the groups of 7 and 8. They were asked to choose any topic from the following –

  • The world’s loneliest planet.
  • Time travel
  • Alien’s invasion on my planet.

They were asked to ponder over the content and write it in the form of dialogues and give the same expressions to their fictional characters. They used their brain networks to understand stories and to navigate interactions with other students.

The maximum participation was sought from each section of class VII and the outcome was quite commendable. Comics were graded on the basis of –

The students worked all together quite well and the presentability of comic books was quite mesmerizing. One of the most obvious of this fantasy was that it allowed the students to experiment with different ways of seeing the world. It took a hypothetical situation and invited the students to make connection between this fictive scenarios and their social reality.

The purpose of introducing the science fiction was creativity that i.e. to make the children enter into the fantastic worlds that are more exciting than mundane reality, has been accomplished. This activity enabled the children to reflect on the ways people interact with each other with technology and with environment. This fiction has given them a platform to consider the futures that they want and those they don’t and how their actions can contribute to one or the other things.

Preparation of Comic Books

Preparation of Comic Books

Preparation of Comic Books

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