Class - XI - Parliament on Peace


The future leaders got their first taste of governance in a mock parliamentary session held in our school, modelled on the lines of the world parliament, in the month of September 2018. The project was our integral part of ISA activities undertaken under British Council’s approved action plan for ISA.

The session debate was on the topic of peace and was contested between the representatives of the different countries who unanimously formed the house of Nations. The House of Councilors headed the session as its members discussed different issues plaguing the pursuit of peace thus hampering global development.

While familiarizing the students with the parliamentarian functioning and language, the main objective of the activity was to polish the student’s outlook for peace and the need of development of the mankind. Overall the students realized the devastating impact of war on human civilization and the significance of global peace.

The world parliament session concluded that world peace is not a myth and that all the countries should work together to achieve it.

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