Class II & III - Rally on Rivers


ISA project - Rivers nourishing the flow of life 
The little eco crusaders of Greenaway modern school from class 2 and 3 took the onus to sensitise people and community about the crucial role that rivers play to sustain lives and the responsibility that we  have to share to conserve and preserve them . 
The teachers showed slides to the young ones about the rivers from different countries chosen under the ISA project . Further more the students were taught and guided to create placards and slogans to convey the importance of saving the rivers .
Finally  in the month of December  the green warriors took out a rally near the vicinity of the school to spread the message and awareness about the need to save our precious water resources. The rally propagated the universal message of collective  responsibility each and every citizen of the world bears towards the precious resources provided by mother nature to us .

Discussion on Rally on rivers

Rally on rivers

Rally on rivers

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