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Rivers Report lap Book

On 25th October 2018, Greenway Modern School conducted an ISA activity on the project – “Rivers: Nurturing the flow that sustains the tree of life” in class VIII and X.

In the activity students prepared a ‘Lap book’ that contained every possible information related to the rivers associated with the project. Through the activity students acquired knowledge of the essential role played by the rivers. Students also learnt about their responsibility & devoir to preserve rivers which is a precious resource to humans.

Students were divided into groups of five with each group being allocated a river. A discussion was done to make the students aware of the role of river in human existence.  Thereafter they collected information based on the following parameters:

  • Length
  • Depth
  • Diversity of aquatic life: Flora & Fauna
  • New water technologies that could save the rivers.
  • Graphical presentation

Lap books were prepared by the students in their respective classes in which they took a keen interest and later they were exchanged with the partner school.

A quiz was also conducted in class VIII and questionnaire in class X in which they enthusiastically participated and answered well.

An exhibition was displayed of lap books prepared by the students of our school as well as the partner school showcasing their talent and abilities.

On the whole it was a great experience for the students because it acquainted them with much knowledge about pivotal role that rivers play in sustaining human existence.

DIscussion on Rivers Report Lap Book

Discussion on Rivers Report Lap Book

Exhibition on Rivers Report Lap Book

Rivers Report Lap Book

Rivers Report Lap Book




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