Classes - IX & XI - Demonstrative Matches


Activity: Demonstrative Matches For Class IX And XI

Under the ISA Activity planner,  class IX and XI were engaged in sports competition with the objective to make the students learn about popular games and sports popular in different countries. The sports taken up were as following:-   Kabbadi, Handball, Volleyball, Taekwondo And Chess. 

All the sections of each grade IX and XI organized, participated and managed different demonstrative matches under the guidance of sports teacher. They made teams, referred, kept the score board, organized cheer leading and played the parts of commentators, volunteers, technical officers, medical helpers, slogan writers notching the participation level to 90%.

All in all, it was an enriching experience where the students acquired discernment about important role that sports play in physical and mental development.

The sports chosen were as following:-

IX A    Handball
IX B    Volleyball
IX C   Taekwondo
IX D   Chess
IX E    Kabbadi
XI A    Chess
XI B    Chess
XI C    Chess
XI D    Taekwondo
XI E    Taekwondo


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