July 2018 - I.S.A EXHIBITION


Learning To Play And Playing To Learn

Foraying Into The Wonderland Of Fiction

Woman - An Unassasible Goddess

    28th of July, 2018, an exhibition was organized in the school premises, presenting all the interesting activities   organized in the months of April, May and July as a part of I.S.A. Activities in association with British Council.

    The following activities were displayed in the exhibition:  The students had a fairytale dress up theme and were dressed accordingly, spreading magical vibes. The adorable young ones were highly appreciated by all for their commendable efforts and the show hence turned out to be a success.

    The senior wing was in charge of putting up an online magazine in collaboration with the Russian students. Students also got the opportunity to spread love through their handmade articles which they henceforth exchanged with Russian students, promoting International Brotherhood. The handmade gifts prepared by our students and those exchanged with Russian School were also exhibited in the event and reverberate the feeling of internationalism. Apart from the magazine there were comic books in store too, connecting children with this long last art bridging the gap from generation to generation. Science with the cheeky characters made by our very own little ones in a very fun filled and intriguing manner.

    Our students worked hard and collected a lot of data, showing the reality of our society, about where women stand in our times and times that demand change that demand equality.

    Children poured out their hearts with the heartfelt notes and letters written with love by students of 2nd class depicting what they felt for their mothers and teachers under the Project “Playing to learn and learning to play” Class VI took up the activity of preparing picture essays on favourite players, Class VII prepared a Collage on different sports and Class VIII prepared beautiful files telling about the rules of different games.  All these files, collages and essays were displayed in the exhibition and were very much appreciated by the parents. The exhibition stood out to be very successful one with all the pictures, banners and decorations outside the exhibition room. Parents were asked for their feedbacks which were filled with very positive, sincere and even amazing remarks appreciating the efforts of students who contributed to the exhibition and the teachers who guided them for the same.

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