Class VI - Preparing Picture Essays

We are proud to share with the Parents that our School has planned to give an International outlook to our curriculum and therefore various ISA activities have been taken which is an initiative of British council, to broaden the horizon of the students. Various month-wise activities will be taken up as ISA Activities. 


Activity: Picture Essays On Their Favourite Players

 Students prepared intriguing folders highlighting the players belonging to myriad countries. The students just not only pasted stimulating pictures of the players but also delved into various stages of life through which they have passed along with their  unending struggle which further grilled their game. The inspiration of the players were also mentioned in the essay which was a balm for their in the hard period of the life which succor them to reach the zenith  of success.  A general  quiz was prepared on the basis of picture essay as the evaluation procedure to ensure the students through  understanding of the history ans life of the player. The activity provided  a great insight about journey undertaken by the player to reach their destination.

This was an enlightening and inspirational activity for the students, parents as well as the teachers they came to know about the hardship undergone by the successful people in their lives. It was successfully concluded as the students took part in it with great enthusiasm.

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